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How safe is my hosted MEX data

How safe is my hosted MEX data

Here at MEX we pride ourselves on providing our customers with the highest level of service, and Data Hosting is no exception to that. In recent times, more and more companies have moved their systems to cloud hosting, as they see the benefit in being able to access these systems easily, securely and efficiently.

Of these benefits, security is obviously the most important and we recognise this. That is why we have aligned our hosting service with the best and most secure cloud hosting providers.

All MEX data on the cloud is protected by storing and managing it within a Tier III+ enterprise grade Data Centre facility. These Data Centres employ the most advanced, enterprise grade security measures available including:

  • State of the art facilities with the highest security measures.
  • 24 hour on-site monitored security.
  • Two-factor authentication using a combination of biometrics.
  • Real time video footage of servers hosting your data.

Cloud security procedures and policies add up to peace of mind for you in knowing that your data is secure. This means that interruptions to your day to day operations are virtually eliminated.

Beyond the physical protection all Cloud Hosted systems are kept secure with:

  • Virus protection provided by Trend Micro Deep Security.
  • Complete separation from neighbouring virtual machines provided by VLANS and software firewalls.
  • Sophos UTM firewall protects from external (internet) attacks
  • In guest tenant separation provided by NTFS security, Group policy and Active Directory.
  • Full Infrastructure backups are performed using Veeam providing complete disaster recovery to individual file restores.
  • Redundant infrastructure and clustering provides protection for physical hardware failures.

The security provided by your cloud virtually eliminates any risk of data loss or interruption of business continuity, and renders hardware failure risk irrelevant.

Your MEX data is important to us, and with these measures in place, MEX can guarantee that your system is secure, easily accessible and working efficiently.

Check out the Data Hosting Security information Here

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