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MEX August Enews 2017

MEX August Enews 2017

Here are the articles sent out in the MEX August Enews for 2017.

Host MEX in the Cloud

Hosting MEX in the cloud is a great way to avoid the added stresses, IT requirements and additional costs that come with hosting your system internally.

New MEX Address Update Notice

Please update your account information to reflect our not so recent move to Newstead. Also, please take note of our payment terms.

One Login Many Application

Do you suffer from password fatigue? Work emails, Gmail, Netflix, Spotify, MEX who can keep track anymore? Lucky MEX has the solution - Single Sign On.

New Customers

MEX would like to welcome some of our newest customers who have recently purchased the MEX software in August 2017. These customers are now an integral part of the MEX community.

Case Study - Jamestrong Packaging

We take a look at how Jamestrong Packaging use MEX across all their manufacturing plants to help them manage and maintain manufacturing equipment with the aim to minimize downtime and keep production at optimal levels.

Case Study - Port Stephens Council

We had a chat to Port Stephens Council and learn about their use of FleetMEX throughout the council. Everyone from the Fleet Manager down to the Workshop Leading Hand use FleetMEX to capture the whole of life maintenance records for each and every vehicle.

Using Custom Views in MEX V15

In this tech tip we take a look at the new Custom Views feature added to MEX Listings that allows you to extract previously unavailable data.

Have you considered hosting MEX in the Cloud?

A stress-free transition, a quick set up with secure data and access anywhere anytime! What are you waiting for trial and get a quote today.

Private Training

Training is the best way to make sure your MEX skills are up to date and your utilising MEX to its full capacity. Our trainers/ consultants are available for private training if you think your system needs some extra attention or your staff need more training.

Review MEX

We love to hear what our customers think about us, you can review MEX and help other companies learn about your experiences with MEX as a software and MEX as a company.