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MEX Inspections and the iOS App View

MEX Inspections and the iOS App View

Equipment Inspections form an important part in ensuring that your equipment continues to run effectively and efficiently. A simple Inspection on a critical Asset will ensure that your staff can continue to work in a safe environment. It also allows you to detect problems that require maintenance attention before they escalate into bigger issues.

Take a fire extinguisher for example. You’ve probably noticed a fire extinguisher or two in your office – these are a great example of something you’d want to routinely inspect. The last thing you need is to have a faulty extinguisher when a fire breaks out. Let’s take a look at an inspection based on a fire extinguisher.

How would you, in MEX terms, describe an inspection for extinguishers? Well, in MEX there are three different types of Inspection questions available:

  • A task
  • A check
  • A reading.

A task could be: Pick up the extinguisher up and ensure it is not empty. You could then Check whether or not the extinguisher is in clear view and also if it is currently in its designated location. Finally you could get a reading on the pressure gauge and make sure it is in operable range.

Normally when carrying out an inspection, you would have a thick stack of paper on a clipboard and go through checking off and filling in the blanks as you perform the inspection. Just don’t drop it and lose any pages as this could turn out to be a big problem! Once the inspection is complete, the information is passed onto your admin staff to enter into MEX.

Surely there is a smarter way to do this?

The new MEX Inspection App View takes the inspections paper look right onto the iPad and has the added advantage of loading your data directly into the MEX system. Scribbling out mistakes? You won’t be doing that anymore, as you can easily undo any mistakes made on the iPad and also have the luxury of reviewing your inspection before you save it.

The flow is just natural, you pick up the iPad. Find the work order for the inspection. Open the list of inspections and go through the inspection task list checking them off as you go. For this example I have checked that the fire extinguisher is Full – Check, it’s in clear view and where it should be – Check, and the pressure range reading is 60 PSI so I’ll enter that reading into the text box provided.

Forget having to print out copious amounts of paper. Inspections on the iPad saves you the trouble of working with a paper based system. You forgo the cost of paper, eliminate double handling, and have the ability to configure the system to automatically raise work orders or set it to prompt you with information depending on how you answer. On top of everything else, you can even scan the barcode of the asset you’re inspecting and instantly get the questions relevant to it. Just like that, inspections just got whole lot easier.

If you haven’t already jumped onto the MEX iOS app, make the transition and transform your maintenance operation into a paperless and more efficient one today.

Any Questions?

If you have any questions about this process please contact the MEX Support team at or call +61 7 3392 4777.

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