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MEX Version Build 5 Released

MEX Version Build 5 Released

A number of bug fixes and enhancements have been applied to the MEX V build 5 minor release released on the 31st of October 2013.

One enhancement has been added to this release in that you can now select the Catalogue Listing as a side module.

The main Bug Fixes for this release include:

Preventative Maintenance

  • The Scheduler Calendar Report now prints correctly with all filters.
  • Activator status will now correctly show as overdue when due in 0 days.


  • Attempting to add a reading to an inactive Asset Reading will now display a message advising it is inactive.


  • The Preview Control form will now display correctly when setting a form to “No Access”.


  • Performance improvements when processing Goods Receipts.

Work Orders

  • The Due Reading on a PM Work Order will no longer be updated to the Done Reading.
  • Performance improvements in the Work Order Scheduler Backlog when using additional Listing Columns.

Please refer to the Client Release Notes in the MEX User Portal for a full list of Bug Fixes and Enhancements.

If you have any questions please contact Mex Support on or call us on +61 7 3392 4777

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