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MEX at the FMA Expo in Sydney

MEX at the FMA Expo in Sydney

We will be attending the 2013 Facilities Management Expo to be held at the Sydney Convention centre on the 5th and 6th of June 2013. The Expo will provide us with the chance to showcase our Maintenance Software Suite as well as serve as a springboard for some of our new products like Vehicle Bookings and Cloud Requests.

In recent years MEX has gained ground in the facilities management sector. We can attest this to our growing relationship with our users, the quality of our products and the high level of customer service that we provide.

In a recent study undertaken by the Facility Management Association of Australia (FMA Australia) in association with Service Works Global, over 10% of the facility maintenance professional’s surveyed actively use MEX in their day to day operations. Further enhancing our status as one of Australia’s leading CMMS providers in Facilities Management.

If you are in Sydney and wish to attend the Expo, pop in and have a Chat to our MEX Staff. You can register here for a free pass