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New MEX Products

New MEX Products

Building on MEX Maintenance Software, we have been working on a suite of products that will cater for an even wider range of Management needs.

Introducing MEX World, a Geographic based management system that integrates with MEX and allows you to see the location of all your assets and contacts on a map, track all your assets on the go, and report on assets according to their location. This application allows users to visually identify assets and their groupings, manage resources based on asset location and trades location to cut down on travel costs.

MEX Vehicle Bookings, an application that allows you to take control of your company’s fleet and manage your vehicles with ease. Vehicle Bookings lets you list all available company vehicles, allow employees to log in and book out these vehicles and provides in depth reporting on each vehicles usage. With more control over your vehicles and features like scheduled bookings, MEX Vehicle Bookings makes managing your fleet a seamless process. Vehicle Bookings allows owners to administer bookings giving them complete control of their vehicle.

Transport Management is a simple system used to track your buses locations in real time, and report back to you where they are, which route they are on and estimate when they will be arriving at each stop. In Transport Management you can define the routes that your buses travel and the timetables that they follow. Use GPS tracking to track the position of each bus and maintain a history of the routes travelled by your buses.

New Apps

Introducing Cloud Requests, a new app from MEX that allows you to make requests via your iPhone. Employing a simple interface with up to date notifications and an easy to use administration console, Cloud Requests makes managing requests in MEX so much easier.

We are also tapping into the Windows 8 apps and have released an inspections app that allows our users to carry out Inspections on the go in a whole new environment.