Mining Maintenance Management

Managing Equipment with MEX

An effective maintenance management approach can go a long way in improving your mining operation. Coupled with the use of a CMMS, you can gather real-time actionable data through inspections, prestarts or carrying out scheduled maintenance tasks.

Work toward an effective and sustainable Preventative Maintenance backbone that will dictate your maintenance activities. In the process reducing downtime and preventing unwanted breakdowns.

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Maintenance Management

The MEX Way


User Friendly CMMS

Build Resilience

MEX helps you create synergy across your mining operation with an organised equipment and facilities register, a complete list of current and completed Work Orders and the ability to capture all maintenance requests.

MEX Preventative Maintenance

Proven Preventative Maintenance

Move away from a costly reactive approach and develop an all-inclusive PM schedule for routine tasks and inspections. In the process lifting safety standards and steering budget away from expensive breakdowns.

User Friendly CMMS

Built-in Prestarts Module

Put the paper down and go digital with MEX Prestarts. Capturing all prestart checks carried in real time. Helping you identify minor issues before they become major problems and ensuring all equipment is safe to operate.

MEX is Easy To Implement

Quality Product Support

Customer service, support and training is part of our culture at MEX. Our team provides quality support and in-house software development, ensuring that priority fixes are instantaneously updated into the system.

MEX Integration

Maintenance on the Go

Monitor the state of your mining operation at all times, increase organisational visibility and confidently carry out tasks on site. Promoting a paperless maintenance environment through the new look MEX Mobile app.

MEX Stores

Manage Stock with Ease

With MEX, you can view what spare parts are required for upcoming tasks so you can make sure inventory is always stocked. You will never be caught out and left waiting for that crucial part to come in.

Capture All Prestarts

In Real Time


Identify minor issues before they become major ones with MEX Prestarts. Light vehicle, heavy vehicle and any prestart you need can be easily created and pushed out to users to complete.

MEX Prestarts is so simple to use, allowing you to accurately collate data, capture images, raise maintenance requests and significantly boosting your early issue detection efforts.

Scan Prestart

Scan Code

Point and Shoot to confirm an Asset's details.

Start Prestart

Perform Prestart

Carry out the Prestart and run through all the checks.

Save Prestart in MEX

Capture in MEX

Save all Information, Images and Readings into MEX.

MEX Prestarts

Companies that Trust

Our Solution


FCF Minerals Corporation

FCF Minerals is a mining company based in the Philippines with the Runruno Gold Project as its major asset. The company is 100% owned by Metals Exploration PLC, a corporation listed on the AIM Board of the London Stock Exchange.

Savanna Energy

Savanna Energy is a Canadian owned on-shore oil and gas drilling company that was established in 2001. Whilst Canada is the base of operations and houses the majority of the rigs, Savanna Energy has a strong presence in Australia.

PT Parts Sentra Indomandiri

PT. Parts Sentra Indomandiri (PSI Drilling) is a mineral exploration drilling company that was established in the seaside city of Balikpapan back in July 2004. PSI Drilling spent the following 11 years building a solid reputation in the drilling industry that resulted in their expansion into the Malaysian market.