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MEX Maintenance Software has Over 10,000 Users Worldwide

MEX has proven to be leading the way in Maintenance Software and innovation. The latest member of the MEX Suite, MEX v14 is the next generation of the MEX CMMS and is now fully browser based.

With over 10,000 Users Worldwide, it’s easy to see how MEX can control operations in industries as diverse as mining and minerals, light and heavy manufacturing, food processing and manufacturing, hotels, resorts, hospitals and governments.

Focus on Maintenance We'll do the Rest!

Here at MEX Maintenance Software we now offer a Full Hosting service for your MEX/FleetMEX system on the cloud. From hosting and administering your database to deploying your MEX system to your computers and/or iOS devices.

All you need to do is sign up. We'll set it up and send you the link to use the system. It's as Simple as that!

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What Is Preventative Maintenance?

We join MEX General Manager Steve Ninnes as he discusses Preventative Maintenance (PM) in Depth. Defining What a PM is, the application of PM's, the types of PM's and best industry practices.

Job Requests

MEX GM Steve Ninnes takes us through Job Requests in Part 2 of the MEX Educational Videos. We look at how you can go about implementing one and best practices in managing such a system.

Maintenance Strategy

Do you have a Maintenance Strategy in your Organisation? MEX GM Steve Ninnes talks about implementing a Maintenance Strategy and the importance of selling this plan.

Improving Maintenance

In Part 4 of the MEX Educational Videos Steve runs through some of his own experiences on how to Improve Maintenance Practises to better server an operation and maintenance procedures.

MEX CMMS Solutions Screen

Find the Right Asset Management Solution for you

We understand the complexities of Maintenance Management. That’s why we create solutions to increase your operational efficiency. All of the MEX software is created from the ‘shop floor’ up and by our maintenance engineers; we draw upon our years of knowledge and experience to deliver systems that work.

All MEX Applications are easy to use, intuitive and flexible. Whether you’re looking for a CMMS to run your preventative maintenance scheduling (MEX), scoring the internet highway for a system to monitor and maintain your fleet (FleetMEX) or taking your business with you (MEX for iPhone or iPad) we have the flexibility to meet your request.

Complete CMMS Control

To keep your operations competitive in the market, it is important to see the state of your operations at all times – this can now be done with MEX for iPad.

As Apple devices continue their dominance of the smartphone and tablet markets, we now give you the ability to run all, or part of your MEX CMMS through the devices.

MEX has the functionality to work offline with your devices and sync back at a later time, giving you the freedom to continue your maintenance work without worrying about connectivity problems.

MEX Gives you complete control