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MEX Maintenance Software has Over 10,000 Users Worldwide

MEX is the leader in Maintenance Software and Innovation. From Comprehensive Asset Management and Daily Maintenance Management to Automatic Stores Ordering and Statutory Reports, MEX makes life easier for you and your service technicians on the job.

With over 10,000 Users Worldwide, it’s easy to see how MEX can control operations in industries as diverse as Mining and Minerals, Manufacturing, Food Processing, Hotels, Hospitals and Governments.

"The MEX Maintenance Software helps us deliver and maintain high quality accommodation, facilities and experiences for all our guests. The MEX enables us to maintain our property effectively and professionally."

"MEX delivers great results by offering true partnership with their clients and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a stand out performer in the Asset Management Software sector"

"MEX is a great product. I have implemented it in many businesses to date and will do so again in the future. It is very user friendly and set out in a very logical way. I enjoy using MEX and highly recommend it as a CMMS."

Save Time, Save Money!

Major equipment breakdown can really throw a spanner in the works for any organization. Critical Equipment stop working, putting them out of action for an unplanned period of time. This costs you money to repair affects productivity.

The question is, How to get a handle on this?

To help you, The MEX Preventative Maintenance module is a proven way to make equipment more productive and reliable, as well as reducing repair costs and breakdowns. Helping you catch any critical issues before they develop into major problems.


MEX Ops Requests iOS App

Introducing the MEX Ops iOS app for use with MEX to submit maintenance requests anywhere, any-time. Add the ability to attach images with any request, managing maintenance requests just got a whole lot easier.

Interfacing with the MEX CMMS

The MEX CMMS has the power to interface with other systems and create a seamless automated link between the two. Interfaces can be customised to link to most financial packages and other maintenance systems.

Introducing Custom Fields And Modules

We are proud to introduce Custom Fields and Custom Modules as new enhancements to the MEX Maintenance Software. Easily add new fields to any form in MEX or add a whole new module.

What Is Preventative Maintenance?

We join MEX General Manager Steve Ninnes as he discusses Preventative Maintenance (PM) in Depth. Defining What a PM is, the application of PM's, the types of PM's and best industry practices.

MEX CMMS Solutions Screen

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