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At MEX, we constantly strive for customer satisfaction where our products and services are diligently developed to provide quality and dependability.

The best way to measure the success of MEX Hosting is to hear directly from the customers that use the service.

Below you can find some feedback from our current MEX customers describing their experience with Data Hosting.

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MEX Data Hosting

The changeover to MEX Hosting was seamless where we haven’t ever had any issues with the service. The level of support we have received from MEX over the time has been great.

Homeground Village – Ebony Beveridge

Our company chose MEX Data Hosting as we do not have any room left on our servers and we haven’t had any issues with the service whilst using MEX remotely or onsite.

Tweddle Child and Family Health Services – Barbara Conroy

Mackenzie Marine & Towage chose MEX Data Hosting because it ensures we have a system that has ease of access, guaranteed data security that is constantly backed up.

Mackenzie Marine & Towage – Paul Mulholland

Benefits of MEX Data Hosting

Hosted on the worlds most trusted IT Server Provider: Microsoft Azure.

90% of the fortune 500 companies choose to host their business on the Microsoft cloud and so do we.

With 1 in 5 customers now on the MEX Hosted platform. Sign up today and access MEX anywhere and at any time.

Worldwide Access

Worldwide Access

Take advantage of an established network and experience advanced datacentres, daily backups and secure access to your MEX system worldwide.

Reliability Guaranteed

Reliability Guaranteed

Your connection is always guaranteed with uptime in excess of 99%, reap the benefits of increased speed and efficiency without any IT infrastructure.

Reduced Costs

Reduced Costs

Transitioning to the cloud drastically reduces your IT infrastructure requirements, running costs and administration hours.

Infrastructure Maintenance

Infrastructure Maintenance

Host your data with top of the line hardware and server software without the hassle of costs, ongoing maintenance or administration hours.

iOS Access

Instant iOS Access

When you host your data with MEX, you receive a comprehensive IT setup across all mediums including the iOS App. Just one less thing to worry about!

Seamless Upgrades

Seamless Upgrades

Hosting customers receive all MEX software upgrades instantly. Experience all the benefits and releases of MEX without any delays in updates or IT restrictions.

Frequently Asked Data Hosting Questions

Infrastructure + Availability

We utilise the Microsoft Azure platform and boast an uptime of 99%.

Azure Logo

With MEX Data Hosting We Guarantee 99% Uptime

We utilise the industry leading solution of Microsoft Azure to ensure that your system is hosted with the upmost in flexibility and security


The Hosting network is secured by installing and maintaining Azure’s industry-standard firewall configurations to protect data, and MEX avoids the use of vendor-supplied passwords and other security defaults.


Full server backups occur daily and are kept in a secure vault for 30 days before being overwritten.

Disaster Recovery

Full server replication occurs in real-time to a secondary data center, this copies over the entire system including databases and web files. From a Recovery Point Objective (RPO), this real time replication will give our customers the ability to continue to use the system after a disaster with the most up to date data available.

Administration + Monitoring

The MEX Hosted platform is monitored around the clock with a number of different surveillance approaches used to ensure the system is up and running as it should. Our admins use an internal application that allows for the responsive management of all servers wherever required. We also utilise the built in Azure resource monitoring to provide real-time resource usage/history. On top of that we also utilise a third-party service that pings the servers and alerts as soon as they are unresponsive.


We monitor the servers manually, performing specific checks each day. In addition to this, we utilise the MS Azure Security alerts and recommendations.

Data Hosting Fact Sheets

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