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Here at MEX we care about our customers!

That’s why we’ve ensured that whenever you have problem, we have a solution in place to help you.

MEX offers a wide range of services to help you get the most out of our maintenance software solution.

From expert advice, a range of training options, quality help desk support or just touching base with our friendly sales team.

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Our Range of Services

Training Solutions

MEX Training is designed to give you a basic or advanced understanding of MEX, FleetMEX, Stores and Reports. MEX training allows your organisation to squeeze every possible benefit out of MEX.



Customer service and support is part of the culture here at MEX. We passionately aim to answer your questions, smooth-out your installation process and keep your maintenance operation running at all costs.

Customer Support

MEX Data Hosting

When you choose our Data Hosting option, your whole system is held in our secure data centre. You’ll be able to access the system (and your data) through any device with an internet connection.

Data Hosting

MEX Engineering

The MEX Engineering Team is here to help! Our Programmers can customise your MEX system to behave exactly the way you want it to and tailor your system to suit your maintenance management needs.