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New Enhancements Added to MEX

Let's take a look at what has been released and what is to come for the MEX Maintenance Software.

  • September 2020

    We're Almost There!

    Our team has released a brand-new windows app trial on the Microsoft store. This app is connected to the MEX Trial database, giving you a taste of whats to come.

    MEX Windows App

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  • July 2020

    New MEX Version Released

    A new version of the MEX CMMS has been released on Wednesday the 1st of July, 2020. With a number of new enhancements and bug fixes added to further improve the MEX Maintenance Software. These include Multiple Approval Paths, Electronic Forms, Important Security and Auditing Updates, New Notification features and more.


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  • July 2020

    Security Improvements

    JSON Web Token (JWT) open standard has been implemented for information transmitted between the MEX Client and Server. As well as additional claim types added to Single Sign On further improving the security features of MEX.

    New Features

  • March 2020

    Electronic Forms

    Introducing Electronic forms that can be used for permits and a whole lot more.

    We have rebadged Permits and made it in a whole new Electronic Forms feature. If you have a form that you need to use in MEX, import it, customise it and use it on the documents tab of Work Orders.

    Electronic Forms Preview

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  • February 2020

    Approvals allow you to control maintenance spend and introduces proper authorisation to your MEX setup. To enhance this, we have introduced an easier way to manage multiple approval paths in MEX.

    Approval Paths in MEX

    Approval Paths

  • February 2020

    Brand new way to Audit

    Keep track of all changes that are made in MEX. View them in real time on each details form or editable listing through God Mode's Audit Viewer.


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  • February 2020

    Upgraded Notifications

    Stay informed when it matter the most. Best of all, all notifications can now be easily customised inside MEX. read more...

  • January 2020

    Dot Net checking capabilities added to the latest minor build in preparation for the new apps connectivity services.

    Tech Tip

  • July 2019

    Adding a User Specific Listing KPI in the MEX Dashboard was introduced along wth a number of bug fixes. This allows you to design KPIs which are filtered towards the currently logged in user.

    July Release

  • May 2019

    Introducing Caching in MEX. Over the last year we have been working with Customer's who have large databases and have put in place a caching enhancement, allowing large listings to load faster.

    With Caching also comes Endless Scrolling, as you scroll through a listing, MEX will load records continuously. read more

    May Release

  • January 2019

    In this release we introduced a  new Supplier Invoicing module that allows you to add a document to MEX Work Orders and PM Templates using drag-and-drop into MEXThemes that change the look and feel of MEXAsset Criticality flags in the Asset Details and a Priority risk matrix to Work Orders, Request and Preventative Maintenance modules.

    January Release

  • November 2018

    In this release we integrated the MEX Report Designer into MEX V15. Previously MEX users would need to load the Report Designer as an external application to edit reports, but with this release it has now been integrated into MEX V15. We have also introduced a new Region editing mode that allows for a tree-based layout of setting up MEX Region Mapping (similar to MEX V14’s Region setup functionality).

    New Report Designer

    November Release

  • September 2018

    Scheduled tasks have been rolled into the MEX Web server. Allowing the MEX 15 engine to generate reports and run the activator. A number of security patches were also applied to further strengthen MEX Security.

    September Release

  • May 2018

    New iOS App Version Released

    iOS App icon

    May App Release

  • December 2017

    An improved MEX Out of Browser (OOB) standalone client is released. Running MEX OOB is much simpler because it uses a light weight browser engine which is faster as it is not weighed down by add-ons or the unnecessary plugins you get with other browsers. read more

    Open MEX Out of Browser
  • July 2017

    Database Indexing and Auditing for records older than 6 months and we also made data transfer more efficient by reducing the communication packets between the MEX server and client. read more

  • February 2017

    Introducing Asset Auditing.

    Asset Auditing

    Asset Auditing

  • June 2017

    Introduced a Performance Diagnosis form in the Control Files of MEX to allow you to dictate various aspects of your systems performance. From the number of months’ worth of data to pull back from the database, the length of description characters to show, whether or not dynamic grids should be employed and an option to optimize images used in MEX.

  • October 2016

    Performance improvements throughout the system including improvement to the MEX start up time, General database interaction, Listing Columns added via the Add Listing Columns and Work Order details loading improvements.

    October 2016 release

  • May 2016

    MEX Products

    MEX Version 15 is released and over the next four years will be refined into what is our best product to date.

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