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To help minimize the impact of this outbreak, MEX is launching an Online Training Platform to continue to serve our customers who require ongoing training courses and consultations.

We are now offering a range of online courses that are flexible and affordable. From Introduction to Advanced, Training or Consultation, MEX can tailor a session to suit your needs and walk you through the material online.

We are committed in providing excellent and continuous training to all of our customers. Whether it’s one on one or in groups of up to five customers, we are ready to help.

Here are some of the Online Training options available:

MEX Online Training

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Online Training


One on One

MEX Online Training

We are offering 4 hour One on One sessions to cover any training and consulting that you may need. Whether it’s a training course or a health check, MEX customers can get a consultant all to themselves to work through their needs.

Up to Five

MEX Online Training

Introducing a Virtual Classroom of up to five people, working through MEX course content and maintaining communication with all participants in a simple and easy to use interface. Our Consultants are ready to work with you.

Important Information

All participants will need the following equipment:

  • Up to date computer with access to the internet (preferably a reliable connection)
  • A second screen is recommended as this would allow participants to easily work through course content and MEX.
  • Webcam and microphone (built into all laptops these days)
  • Headphones with a microphone would make it easier to communicate and listen to the course
  • Up to date web browser

Just give us a date and our training team can be available to run you through MEX. Whether you are at the Office, Home, On the road or in Isolation. All you need is to Join the Meeting!

Joining a training session is simple, we send you a link, you click it and you’re in.

The training database used for training will be set up well before the session. If you have any special requirements for the data, like whether you wish to use your own database, our team can set this up for you. A link will also be provided to you to work through during the training.

We have two options available – One on One and Up to Five

  • One on One
    • Minimum 4 hours Consulting - $990 incl GST
    • Intro to MEX course - $1485 incl GST
    • Advanced, Stores, Report Writing Courses - $850 incl GST
  • Up to Five
    • Intro to MEX course - $2950 incl GST
    • Advanced, Stores, Report Writing Courses - $1980 incl GST
We will provide an electronic copy of the course and also a hard copy, mailed out to each participant well before the training is to start.

One on One session will be kept to the one user, should you need to have additional participants please contact our training team at

For now, we are keeping training course sessions to a maximum of five participants. This is to ensure each participant has ample access to our Consultants. Again, contact us if you would like more people to take part.

No, it is not covered under the MEX Annual Maintenance Agreement (AMA). Online training is a training service that is provided separately to our AMA services.

Courses on Offer

MEX can run the following courses for Online Training. Should you have specific needs any of these courses can be customer to suit your requirements.

MEX Intro Training

Introduction to MEX

Two day course covering the Asset Register, Work Orders & History, Preventative Maintenance, Security and all other essential functions.

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MEX Advanced Training


This one day training course explores and builds upon the features and modules of MEX that are not covered in the Introduction to MEX course.

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MEX Stores Training

MEX Stores

The one day Stores course will explore the MEX Stores, helping you make full use of all the features and functionality of the built in Inventory module.

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MEX Report Writing

Report Writing

This one day Report Writing course is for MEX or FleetMEX users who want to design, develop or modify their own basic or advanced reports.

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Regions Training

Regions Training

The Regions course was created to provide an overview of how to use MEX regions and perform day to day tasks when working with your MEX regions.

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Tradesman Training

Tradesman Training

The course primarily focuses on the Work Order process, allowing these users to be responsible for recording their own work-related activities in the system.

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