Advanced MEX Training

MEX Advanced – One Day Training Course


The aim of the MEX Advanced Training Course is to provide you with the essential skills to increase the potential to improve maintenance management capabilities and improve everyday use of MEX. The course will demonstrate the importance of correctly setting the system up, maintaining data integrity and ensure that MEX is configured correctly as an aid to improving effective decision-making and to reduce risk within your enterprise. This course will expand on aspects of Security not covered during the Introduction to MEX – Two Day Training Course. You will also be introduced to other modules and functionality that are not included in the Introduction Course, such as the use of Custom Fields and the Dashboard.


MEX has recently undergone extensive functionality changes in both MEX/FleetMEX. These changes have significantly enhanced the product, as well as providing MEX users more options, and potential to increase / improve their maintenance management capabilities.

The MEX Advanced – One Day Training Course includes these topics:

MEX System Management

  • Why Bother?
  • MEX System Management Cycle
  • Determine Outcomes
  • Set up MEX Effectively
  • Using Control Files
  • Asset Structure and Detail
  • Maintenance Strategies
  • Analysis of Data
  • Reporting
  • Reviewing the MEX System regularly

Security within MEX in detail

  • Applying security from the MEX System Menu
  • Applying security to Context Menus
  • Setting/Resetting User Passwords
  • Using Mandatory Fields

Customising MEX

  • Creating Custom Fields
  • Adding Custom Fields to a screen

Scheduling Tasks

  • Schedule the Activator to run Automatically
  • Create a Schedule to run a Report Automatically
  • Email Reports and Setting up Report Parameters

Import and Export Data using MEX Utilities

  • Import Data into MEX
  • Export Data from MEX
  • Establish Import and Export Templates

Audit Inspections

  • An introduction to using Audit Inspections

Work Order Scheduling

  • Setting up the Work Order Resource Scheduler
  • Using the Scheduler

Work Permits

  • Creating Permits
  • Using Permits on Work Orders and PMS

Group Work Orders

  • Creating Work Order Groups
  • Viewing Work Order Groups

Work Order Quick Edit

  • Using the Work Order Quick Edit function


  • Demonstrate Dashboard
  • Modify a KPI


  • Demonstrate MEX on the iOS platform
  • Demonstrate the Inspection process using an iPad and a Barcode Reader

Regions (optional)

  • Overview of MEX Regions

Using Contractor Work Orders (optional)

  • The Contractor Work Flow
  • Using the Contractor Portal

To attend this course, you must have completed the Introduction to MEX/FleetMEX – Two Day Training Course or have had extensive usage of the MEX CMMS.

NB: Please be aware that running this course privately will necessitate certain equipment and/or technical requirements. If you feel that you may not be able to meet these requirements, please contact us to find out what options are available to you.

The duration of the MEX Advanced – One Day Training Course is 8 hours.

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