Advanced MEX Training

MEX Advanced – One Day Training Course


The “Advanced Training Course” is structured to cover higher level “MEX User” and Administrative Functions as well as expand on aspects of MEX not covered during the “Introduction to MEX – Two Day Standard Training Course”.

It is highly recommended that participants attending this course have completed the “Introduction to MEX – Two Day Standard Training Course”. We have found through our experience if a participant has not completed the introductory course that this has affected their learning experience in the advanced course. Participants must be comfortable in the use of computers, as this too will affect their learning experience.


MEX has recently undergone extensive functionality changes in both MEX/FleetMEX. These changes have significantly enhanced the product, as well as providing MEX users more options, and potential to increase / improve their maintenance management capabilities.

The MEX Advanced – One Day Training Course includes these topics:

MEX System Management

  • Implementing MEX security functions and security using ‘Edit Mode’.
  • Managing MEX Users ‘Options’, adding Unassigned and Trade Users.
  • Setting up an ‘Approval’ process with or without financial limits for Purchase Orders, Requisitions or Requests.
  • Utilising the Supplier Invoice Process, processing variances and ‘Approvals’.
  • Using ‘Edit Mode’ for ‘Renaming fields’ and adding ‘Custom Fields’.
  • Utilising the ‘Work Order Scheduler’ to manage backlog and resources.
  • Scheduling tasks to automatically run the ‘PM Activator’ or email reports.
  • Exporting data, importing data and updating existing asset information.
  • Creating Electronic Forms for use within MEX.
  • Creating ‘Group Work Orders’ to group multiple Work Orders together.
  • Utilising ‘Quick Edit’ to quickly update records on multiple Work Orders.
  • Understanding how to edit or reopen ‘History Work Orders’.
  • Modifying a ‘MEX Dashboard’ KPI.
  • Setting up ‘Regions’ in MEX, implementing multiple regions and ‘Region Mapping’.

To attend this course, you must have completed the Introduction to MEX/FleetMEX – Two Day Training Course or have had extensive usage of the MEX CMMS.

NB: Please be aware that running this course privately will necessitate certain equipment and/or technical requirements. If you feel that you may not be able to meet these requirements, please contact us to find out what options are available to you.

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