MEX Data Hosting Status

Welcome to the MEX Data Hosting Status Page

The Hosting Status page helps MEX customers monitor the state of their Hosted MEX/FleetMEX services at all times. Here you can find all planned maintenance, server upgrades, any outages and the latest news updates.

MEX Data Hosting offers two server options to our customers:

Shared Server

Shared Server

One Server Consists of a maximum of 50 customers per shared box

Dedicated Server

Dedicated Server

Allows for a more customised server and secured to each customer’s specific requirements.

Each of these servers are assigned a Unique Hosting Status Page that displays all updates (like below). A link was sent out to users upon initial link creation. Please contact the MEX Cloud Admin to confirm the correct Hosting Status page link for your company.

Contact Cloud Admin   More Hosting Info

Status Update Examples

MEX Data Hosting service is ONLINE

Service is operating normally

MEX Data Hosting service is OFFLINE

Service is currently offline

More Information

If you are experiencing an issue that is not described above or need more information please contact the MEX Cloud Administrator at or call +61 7 3392 4777

Monthly Server Maintenance > On a monthly basis MEX Cloud Administrators will apply required security updates/patches to all MEX servers. Ensuring that they are up to date and secure. Check this page for updates.