MEX Dashboard KPIs

Web Based KPI Monitoring

It’s a known fact, when good managers see good quality reports, great business happens. To aid the spread of easy-to-digest information, MEX offers you ‘Dashboard.’

Dashboard is a web-based reporting tool that displays your maintenance operation’s Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). The add-on tool shows you this information through a series of graphs, gauges and lists that draws information from your MEX database.

Experience this easy to access, web-based, graphical interface through your regular MEX system. By customising the authorisation, any of your staff can view the information relevant to them, without risk.

Gaining a clear picture of your company’s assets is important. MEX Dashboard allows you to do this.

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A Wide Range Of Display Gauges Available

The MEX Dashboard is pre-loaded with 198 different KPIs and more KPIs can be added as required. The KPIs are organised into the following categories:
Assets, Contractors, Labour, Money, Purchases, Requests, Suppliers, Warehouse, Work Orders, Users

Along with having the ability to include lists in the Dashboards KPIs, a wide range of display gauges can be selected and used to display the data you need to see.

Linear Dashboard Guage

Linear Gauge

Radial Dashboard Guage

Radial Gauge

Graph Dashboard Guage

Graph Gauge

MEX Dashboard Screen

Create Your Own KPIs

You can add your very own personalised KPI's into MEX Dashboard. Giving you the ability to monitor exactly what you require to keep your maintenance operation running smoothly.

Options available include a small listing with up to five columns. A gauge can be displayed as either a single number or you can represent your KPI as a graph. Multiple graph formats are available including line graphs, pie graphs, bar graphs etc.

All KPIs are also compatible with Regions. You can set your MEX Dashboard KPI’s to display in accordance to the information displayed relating to its region.

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