Easy To Use Fleet Maintenance Management

FleetMEX is specifically written for any company that manages the maintenance of a fleet of equipment. From mining equipment through to golf carts, FleetMEX will address all the needs of your maintenance and inventory management requirements.

The benefits of having a CMMS system like FleetMEX is to help you manage your fleet by allowing you to:

  • Track your equipment down to the precise amount of fuel and hours used
  • Monitor tyre wear, servicing, registration dates, hiring and other extensive fleet details
  • Monitor warranty, repairs, time and money spent on repairs that is important for financial reporting and reducing downtime in the process
  • Forecast replacements, services, replenish stock, and keep an eye on tyre usage
  • Maintain parent/child components and spare parts relationships
  • Easily deploy FleetMEX to both office-based and remote staff through tablets and iOS devices

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FleetMEX Fleet Management Software Features

There are a number of key modules that make up the backbone of the FleetMEX CMMS. Here is a brief explanation of each of these Core Modules:

FleetMEX Asset Register Icon

Vehicle Register

The focal point of FleetMEX. The Vehicle Register allows its users to setup a clear concise and descriptive structure that provides an overview of assets and locations.

FleetMEX Preventative Maintenance Icon

Preventative Maintenance

Manage all your repetitive jobs for your vehicles. Generate periodic work orders to either time based or usage based frequencies schedules.

FleetMEX Work Order Icon

Work Orders

Create a job for a vehicle, get something fixed or simply set a reminder you can add, edit, print, complete and sign off work orders.

FleetMEX History Icon


A complete record of all the work you have done throughout the system. Information can be recalled at any point for analysis and reporting.

FleetMEX Control Files Icon

Control Files

Full access to all the controls in FleetMEX allowing you to customise your FleetMEX settings and define your own custom rules.

FleetMEX Readings Icon

Equipment Readings

Readings are a collection of analytics taken from your equipment to allow for the better management of the performance of your assets.

FleetMEX Reports Icon


With over 200+ reports available. FleetMEX allows you to extract any piece of information from the FleetMEX database. You can also customize reports and add them to favourites.

FleetMEX Timesheets Icon


Make full use of FleetMEX's electronic timecard system that will provide you with an efficient means of logging employee work hours. Used in both MEX and FleetMEX.

FleetMEX Stores Icon


An additional module of FleetMEX, Stores allows you to keep track of all spare parts with a comprehensive catalogue including purchasing and requisitions.

Keep A Close Eye on Your Fleet Maintenance

FleetMEX is versatile enough to be used in the most basic form and implementation can be as rudimental or complex as the user intends it to be. It’s really down to how you choose to apply the system.

Monitor Fleet Costs

Monitor Costs and Usage

Track each vehicle in your Fleet comprehensively. From the precise amount of fuel being used, right down to the number of hours of operation per vehicle.

Monitor Fleet Wear and Tear

Monitor Wear and Tear

Monitor tyre wear, schedule periodic inspections, save registration dates and other extensive fleet details. Helping you to reduce downtime and minimise repair costs.

FleetMEX Statutory Reporting

Report Effectively

Run any of the 200+ reports in the FleetMEX system to get a clear overview of your fleet. Making it easy to identify flaws in your maintenance procedures.

Multi-Platform Compatibility

Works perfectly on all major devices

FleetMEX is fully browser based, built with Microsoft .Net Framework supported by a SQL Database to house all your maintenance data. FleetMEX can also be used alongside the MEX iOS app that is available on the Apple iPad, iPad mini, iPad Pro, iPhones and iPods. Use FleetMEX in the office or out in the field, helping you better capture and better manage your maintenance.