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MEX is easy to use, but like any program, training is a great way to make sure you understand and are making use of all the features, in the most efficient way possible.

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We provide many different options for training, including Public and one-on-one sessions, specialist Report Writing courses and Advanced courses. All training is done on the latest version of MEX/FleetMEX. To find out more about each type of training, read on.

Introduction to MEX

In the Introduction to MEX/FleetMEX course, you will learn to navigate your way through the program, solve maintenance problems, and carry out the essential functions of your maintenance management system.

The course concentrates on the four main modules of MEX and FleetMEX; the Asset Register, Work Orders, Preventative Maintenance and a brief look at MEX Stores. You will gain a solid understanding through hands-on application and practical exercises.

With this training you will have the skills and knowledge to set up and run your MEX or FleetMEX system effectively.

Cost: $1,485 pp (incl GST).

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It is highly recommended that participants attending this course have completed the “Introduction to MEX – Two Day Standard Training Course”. We have found through our experience if a participant has not completed the introductory course that this has affected their learning experience in the advanced course. Participants must be comfortable in the use of computers, as this too will affect their learning experience.

The “Advanced Training Course” is structured to cover higher level “MEX User” and Administrative Functions as well as expand on aspects of MEX not covered during the “Introduction to MEX – Two Day Standard Training Course”.

On completion of this course, you will have covered the more complex aspects of your MEX system and will be able to navigate and manage all modules.

Cost: $850 pp (incl GST).

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MEX Stores

In the Stores Training Course, you will have the opportunity to learn and understand the capabilities of the Stores Module.

The aim of this training course is to understand the Stores module and how Store items are integrated into MEX.

The course will help you make use of all the features of our Stores module. You will specifically learn how to use; the Catalogue, Requisitions, Reservations, Purchasing, Receipting, Invoicing, Replenish your Stock and using Barcodes.

Cost: $850 pp (incl GST).

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Report Writing

To attend this course, we recommend that you have either completed the Introduction to MEX/FleetMEX Training Course or have an extensive prior knowledge of a CMMS program. This course has been designed so you do not need prior knowledge on report writing to attend.

The aim of the MEX Report Writing Training Course is to understand the MEX reporting module.

On completion of the course you should be able to develop basic reports in MEX/FleetMEX. This will include the design, development and deployment of new reports as well as editing some existing reports.

Cost: $850 pp (incl GST).

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Regions Training

Here we cover the Regions multisite management tool. Regions comfortably manages multiple sites within the one database and is easily configurable in MEX. From Asset setup, information assignments and user allocation. The MEX Regions course goes through an overview of the function, creating regions, mapping, switching between Regions, Stores functionality and Preventative Maintenance.

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Tradesman Training

The Tradesman Training Course is intended to enable an attendee to perform the basic day-to-day tasks that would be required of a trades-level user. The course primarily focuses on the Work Order process, allowing these users to be responsible for recording their own work-related activities in the system. The Tradesman Training Course typically runs over a four-hour period, allowing for multiple groups to attend.

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Anywhere - Anytime

Online Training

The introduction of our online courses has increased flexibility and affordability, creating a learning environment that suits the varying needs of MEX users everywhere. Our commitment is to provide exceptional and continuous training to all our clients. Be it individual training or group sessions for up to five customers, our approach is always prepared to accommodate.

Through our MEX User Portal, customers gain unrestricted access to experienced MEX Consultants. This resource not only ensures uninterrupted learning but also provides a platform for interactive engagement with our consultants along with all required coursework and training links.

So why wait? Explore our comprehensive online offering today and unlock the potential of continuous learning with MEX Online Training.

MEX Online Training

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Upcoming Training Dates

Here are the next ten available training dates coming up over the next two weeks.

Location Date Spots Available Registration
Online - Australia
Advanced Training Online Course
05/09/2024 – 05/09/2024 (6 Spots Available) Book Now
Introduction to MEX Online Course
06/08/2024 – 07/08/2024 (6 Spots Available) Book Now
03/09/2024 – 04/09/2024 (5 Spots Available) Book Now
Stores Online Course
08/08/2024 – 08/08/2024 (5 Spots Available) Book Now
Online - New Zealand
Advanced Training Online Course
18/07/2024 – 18/07/2024 (1 Spot Available) Book Now
Introduction to MEX Online Course
16/07/2024 – 17/07/2024 (7 Spots Available) Book Now
27/08/2024 – 28/08/2024 (7 Spots Available) Book Now
Stores Online Course
29/08/2024 – 29/08/2024 (3 Spots Available) Book Now
Online - Western Australia
Advanced Training Online Course
11/07/2024 – 11/07/2024 (6 Spots Available) Book Now
12/09/2024 – 12/09/2024 (7 Spots Available) Book Now

More Training Dates

For more training dates visit the following link

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