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Over 99 Pre-Loaded KPI’s

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The MEX Dashboard is preloaded with 99 different KPIs relating to Assets, Contractors, Customers, Labour, Money, Purchases, Requests, Suppliers, Warehouse, Work Orders and Users.

The existing KPIs in Dashboard have been designed to give an organisation comprehensive insight into critical operational elements. At a glance, a manager is exposed to easily digestible information in the forms of graphs, gauges and lists and statistics, meaning data driven strategic decision making is as simple as viewing a webpage.

Linear Dashboard Guage

Linear Gauge

Radial Dashboard Guage

Radial Gauge

List Dashboard Guage

List Gauge

Digital Dashboard Guage

Digital Number Gauge

Bar Graph Dashboard Guage

Pie Chart Gauge

Line Graph Dashboard Guage

Line Graph Gauge

MEX Dashboard Screen

A Dashboard as Unique as your Organisation

In addition to the 99 pre-loaded KPIs existing in Dashboard, customers can add an unlimited number of their own KPIs.

Any information you have stored in your MEX Database can be used to create custom built personalised KPIs allowing you to focus on what’s uniquely important to your operations.

Creating your own KPI can be done by a MEX Administrator with SQL skills or MEX offers KPI creation through our engineering department.

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Available Across All Devices

Anywhere Anytime

MEX Dashboard is now available on a phone or tablet! Coded in the latest HTML 5 Dashboard is a fully scalable webpage that appropriates itself to the size of the screen that you’re working on.

Monitoring the state of your organisation and making maintenance decisions in the field just got a whole lot simpler with MEX Dashboard. Managers anywhere anytime can access all their key performance indicators with Dashboard in the palm of their hands.

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