MEX Data Hosting

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Don’t have the capacity to host and maintain your MEX or FleetMEX data?

MEX Data hosting ensures that your system is easily accessible, constantly backed up and stored securely.

MEX and FleetMEX give you plenty of options for installation and hosting. You are able to run the program from individual computers, through a network, and online via our Data Hosting service.

When you choose the MEX Data Hosting option, your whole system is held in our secure data centre. You’ll be able to access the system (and your data) through any device with an internet connection.

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MEX Data Hosting

Benefits of Data Hosting

Some of the benefits you can expect from using Mex or FleetMEX Online are:

  • Worldwide access to MEX or FleetMEX
  • No investment in hardware or software to run the server
  • Daily backups done as part of the service
  • Uptime in excess of 99%
  • Complete maintenance of hardware and server software
  • Reduce your company's IT management needs
  • Database upgrades upon request carried out by MEX
  • iOS device access configured

Once your database is created on our servers, a link to your new system will be sent out allowing you to instantly connect and use MEX.

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