MEX Data Hosting

need to have access to MEX from where ever you may be?

With COVID-19 causing an unprecedented reaction. Having the ability to work away from your office can help businesses continue to monitor equipment and facility maintenance.

In these trying times, just being able to effectively schedule maintenance and assign maintenance tasks remotely helps your team continue to get the job done. Especially when social restrictions are coming into place. MEX Data Hosting can help you do this and more.

You can hear what some of our already hosted customers have to say about the MEX Hosted Data services below.

MEX Data Hosting Work From Home

Use MEX in the Cloud

Don’t want the Hassle of Hosting & Maintaining your MEX System?

MEX Data hosting ensures that your system is easily accessible, constantly backed up and stored securely.

MEX and FleetMEX give you plenty of options for installation and hosting. You are able to run the program from individual computers, through a network, and online via our Data Hosting service.

When you choose the MEX Data Hosting option, your whole system is held in our secure data centre. You’ll be able to access the system (and your data) through any device with an internet connection.

Hosted Customer Quotes

Benefits of MEX Data Hosting

With 1 in 5 customers now on the MEX Hosted platform

There has never been a better time to make the transition to the cloud

User Friendly CMMS

Worldwide Secure Access

Take advantage of a worldwide established network and experience advanced data centres, daily backups and secure access to your MEX system worldwide.

MEX is Easy To Implement

Reliability Guaranteed

Your connection is always guaranteed with uptime in excess of 99%, reap the benefits of increased speed and efficiency without any of the IT infrastructure investment.

User Friendly CMMS

Reduced Costs

Transitioning to the cloud drastically reduces your IT infrastructure requirements, running costs and administration hours.

MEX is Easy To Implement

Infrastructure Maintenance

Host your data with top of the line hardware and server software without the hassle of costs, ongoing maintenance or administration hours.

MEX Integration

Instant iOS Access

When you host your data with MEX, you receive a comprehensive IT setup across all mediums including the iOS App. Just one less thing to worry about!

MEX Integration

Seamless Upgrades

Hosting customers receive all MEX software upgrades instantly. Experience all the benefits and releases of MEX without any delays in updates or IT restrictions.

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