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King Salmon Co.

Date Posted: 19/10/2015 10:10

The New Zealand King Salmon Co. farm some of the world’s finest salmon, harvesting from 5 sea farms in the deep crystal clear waters of the Marlborough Sounds in New Zealand. Established in the 1980’s, The New Zealand King Salmon Co. has been committed to the preservation of aquatic environments and ecosystems and was recently recognised as “Best Choice” for farmed salmon by the acclaimed environmental organisation Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch program. Today the company is the parent of Regal, Southern Ocean and Ora King brands and has grown to become a major worldwide producer and distributor for both fresh and smoked salmon.

“Our Data Hosting strategy is based on the principle that MEX best knows how to manage their applications data and the intricacies of how it performs”

How do you use the MEX Maintenance Software?

Here at New Zealand King Salmon Co. we have a high need for engineering and electrical services at our farms and processing plants. MEX helps us manage these services by recording and tracking all maintenance activities carried out on all our equipment. We capture all job details including which staff carried out the maintenance and this information helps us with future analysis.

We utilize MEX Ops to facilitate requests by allowing any employee to submit a maintenance request from any computer. Each request includes asset information, a description of the maintenance issue and a request priority. This allows our management team to prioritise tasks and make informed decisions on how to effectively manage these maintenance requests.

We also use the MEX Readings module to record all running hours against our critical assets. These readings are then used to trigger important Preventative Maintenance policies to push out Work Orders to appropriate staff.

Why did you decide to host your data with MEX?

Our cloud strategy is to eventually have all of our applications housed by 3rd parties and delivered over the internet.

MEX is also in the best position to ensure an optimal working environment as they provide us with instant software upgrades and a stable internet and communication connection that allows us to access our data anywhere anytime.

How long have you been hosting your data with MEX?

We chose to host our data with MEX when we initially purchased the software in September 2014. Throughout this time we have found the service to be extremely reliable and easy to use.

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