Management Team

The Powerhouse Behind MEX

Our Management Team

The MEX Management Team represents a blend of seasoned professionals, each bringing unique expertise and commitment to their roles.

The team includes our dynamic founder and General Manager, Steve Ninnes, alongside CEO Matt Ward, guiding the company with visionary leadership. R&D Manager Matthew Calcutt steers our technological innovations, while Admin and Training Manager Kirsty Ashton ensures optimal operations and skill enhancement. Greg Rich, the seasoned leader of MEX's engineering team and Paul Faunt, our Marketing and Support Manager, drives customer engagement and satisfaction.

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Our Dedicated Sales Team

Championing Your Success with MEX

Our Sales Team, composed of the energetic trio Matt, Scott, and Brooke, is at the forefront of creating meaningful client relationships. They don't just sell MEX, they partner with you to align our solutions with your specific needs, both for new and long-term customers.

Their commitment extends beyond delivery; they provide continuous assistance to ensure that MEX integrates seamlessly into your systems. They're dedicated to exceeding expectations, striving to ensure that you and your team get the most optimized version of MEX. Their primary goal? Your ultimate satisfaction and success.

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Sales Team
Support Team

Our Customer Support Team

The MEX Difference

Our approach at MEX stands out. We offer more than a conventional call centre; we foster a culture of involvement. Our team doesn't merely pass on your calls, but delves into the heart of your concerns, collaborates, and delivers swift and efficient solutions.

From detailed guidance on functionality to providing fresh perspectives on system migrations or security setups in MEX, our experts are there to ensure every step you take with us is straightforward and effective. We're more than a support team, we're your partners in progress.

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Our Admin Team

The Operational Backbone of MEX

Our Administration Team forms the vital backbone of MEX, driving seamless operations and facilitating efficient workflows. They juggle multiple pivotal roles, from managing the office environment and human resources to overseeing financial responsibilities and bookkeeping.

But it's not just all work and no play. Our Admin Team infuses a sense of camaraderie and fun into our organization. They masterfully coordinate engaging get-togethers, fostering team harmony and strengthening our corporate culture.

Admin Team
Engineering Team

Engineering Team

Tailoring MEX to Your Unique Needs

Our Engineering Team excel in transforming 'what if' into 'what is', constantly expanding the realm of MEX possibilities. Their passion for problem-solving, coupled with their collaborative spirit, enables them to devise innovative solutions that cater to our clients' evolving needs.

In essence, our Engineering Team ensures MEX isn't just a software - it's a solution designed with you in mind.

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Research & Development Team

Pioneers of Innovation at MEX

Our Research & Development Team is the leader in technological progress at MEX. This team, composed entirely of home-grown talent, is dedicated to pushing the envelope, driving innovation through relentless research and creative experimentation.

From managing and enhancing the existing MEX 15 and MEX Apps, introducing vital functionalities, and squashing bugs, their work is instrumental in our success. But they don't stop there. Their monumental task of rewriting MEX 16 exhibits their commitment to continual evolution and improvement.

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RnD Team
Training Team

MEX Training Team

Empowering You to Excel with MEX

Our Training Team specializes in knowledge transfer and talent empowerment. These experts, with their profound understanding of maintenance planning and CMMS, are committed to nurturing the potential of individuals and teams.

Whether it's on-site or online, our trainers masterfully facilitate engaging, interactive, and practical sessions that equip participants with crucial skills and insights.

Our Training Team's mission is to ensure you don't just use MEX – you excel with it. Harness the power of informed action and achieve unparalleled proficiency in your roles with our dedicated training.

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Marketing Team

Crafting the MEX Brand Experience

Our Marketing Team work tirelessly to enrich the MEX brand experience. From our website and campaigns to the overall aesthetics, they infuse creativity and coherence in every touchpoint.

Employing data-driven strategies, innovative tools, and industry best practices, they deliver compelling and effective content tailored for our customers and partners. They are constant learners, always on the lookout for skill enhancement and performance improvement opportunities.

The MEX Marketing Team doesn’t just communicate our offerings, they encapsulate our value and vision, creating a consistent, engaging brand story that resonates with our audience.

Marketing Team

MEX CMMS is truely versatile Asset Management System that has proven itself over the last 30 years. Take a look at our journey so far