MEX Work Orders

Maintenance Management Made Easy

A Work order is a record of the work that is carried out on an asset. The Work Order Module in MEX is primarily used for the management of these records. Work Orders may be created in MEX manually, as a result of a Maintenance Request or they may be automatically created as part of the routine maintenance schedules specified in the Preventative Maintenance.

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Effortless Work Order Creation

Experience the transformative power of MEX as it simplifies and accelerates Work

Order creation, making the process painless and efficient

Create Ad Hoc Work Orders

Easily create work orders through the MEX WO Listing, swiftly input job details, and assign tasks effortlessly. Seamlessly execute work, whether on paper or through the user-friendly MEX App, to streamline your process and optimize efficiency.

Schedule Work with Ease

Experience on-time Work Order creation with MEX's intelligence. Utilizing the Preventative Maintenance module, never miss a beat again as Work Orders are promptly generated, ensuring seamless operations. Stay on schedule and eliminate missed tasks with MEX's advanced capabilities.

Directly From Requests

Stay focused and manage Maintenance Requests with MEX. Filter through incoming requests and create Work Orders seamlessly. Stay informed with notifications, ensuring users are always in the loop. Streamline your maintenance process with MEX and regain control of your workflow.

Generate from a Template

Eliminate stress during busy workdays by utilizing prefilled Standard Job templates in MEX. Set up templates for unpredictable jobs, and when needed, effortlessly create Work Orders from the template. Simplify your workflow and maintain productivity even on the most demanding days.

Unlocking Efficiency and Organization

Harnessing the Power of Work Orders for Maximum Productivity

Efficiently manage and track all work within your organization with Work Orders. Assign tasks for maximum productivity, easily search, and locate specific jobs, create Post Entry Work Orders for undocumented tasks, raise new orders from standard jobs, and access historical records instantly. Experience streamlined workflow and enhanced productivity with Work Orders.

Post Entry Work Order

Seamlessly Create Post Entry Work Orders.

Work Order Scheduler

Maximize Productivity with Assigned Work Orders.

Searching for work orders

Effortlessly Locate Specific Jobs in the Listing.

Standard Jobs in MEX

Generate New Work Orders from Standard Jobs.

Work Order History Listing

Instant Access to Historical Work Orders.

Work Order Listing

Achieve Comprehensive Work Tracking.

Discover the power of Work Orders for streamlined operations, enhanced productivity, and comprehensive work tracking within your organization.

See the MEX Work Orders in action!