Work Orders

Manage and track work order and inspections effortlessly, ensuring your tasks are completed on time and in compliance with safety standards.


Monitor equipment and asset readings, ensuring everything is operating with desired parameters.

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Submit and track job requests with ease, facilitating smooth communication and task allocation within your organisation.


Keep a close eye on your inventory with the stocktakes module, enabling you to maintain optimal stock levels and reduce downtime.

With enhanced features and a user-friendly interface, the MEX app is set to become your go-to tool for managing work order, inspections, job requests, stocktakes, and readings.

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MEX Prestarts

MEX Prestarts app - your hassle-free solution for equipment checklists. Find assets, and scan QR or barcode entries with ease. Use Versatile pre-made checklists and easily log defects to avoid downtime fpr a smooth prestart expierience.

Stay ahead with MEX Prestarts - where efficiency meets simplicity.

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Our current re-vamped MEX App with a new modern, user-firendly interface and smarter login features. Add on the new enhanced user management features and an always connected approach, tradespeople and storemen can easily manage work orders, job requests, inspections, stocktakes and readings.

Our new Prestart app has been released 8th of February 2024, with a brand-new look to streamline the process and keep people working safely. View outstanding defects and keep on top of previous Prestarts, the Prestarts app will be released along side of an improved administration portal for configuring and processing Prestarts.

MEX Classic is still our most used app, flaunting almost all the functionality from your main MEX system. Whether you're tracking work orders, handling requests, or conducting stocktakes, MEX Classic ensures that everything is effortlessly managed in one unified space. generate insightful reports based on the data seamlessly entered into the main MEX system.