MEX iOS Apps

Class Leading MEX iOS Apps

Bring innovation and convenience to your business with the use of the MEX iOS App.

Monitor the state of your operations at all times, increase organisational visibility and seamlessly maintain a paperless maintenance environment.

Access MEX Anywhere, Anytime

From Assets to Reporting, now more than ever before MEX has expanded its iOS application to make it easier for you to do your job anywhere, any time.

MEX Asset Register Icon

Asset Register

With full access to your Asset Register users can add new assets, take a photo and view any data associated with your Assets.
MEX Work Order Icon

Work Orders

Manage your work, wherever you are. You can add, edit, print, complete and sign off on Work Orders.
MEX Maintenance Requests Icon

Maintenance Requests

Submit job requests from the palm of your hand. Users can also edit, approve, cancel and open Work Orders from Requests.
MEX Reading Icon

Equipment Readings

This allows users to create new readings and be able to process existing Readings for Assets within MEX.
MEX Reports Icon


With all the MEX Reports accessible through the MEX app, users can extract any piece data they need from the MEX System.
MEX Track Equipment Icon

Track Equipment

Track your Assets and personnel with the Tracking Module. Once activated, the device’s GPS location is transmitted back to MEX.
MEX Offline Mode Icon

Take MEX Offline

Use the MEX app offline with Go Mobile. Allowing users to enter and process data in MEX without having a physical connection to a live database.
MEX Stores Icon

Manage Stores*

The MEX iOS app gives users access to MEX Stores*. Giving you the ability to take control of your Inventory Management while on the run.

Go Mobile with MEX

A paperless maintenance environment is easily achieved thanks to digital innovations of the 21st century. The MEX iOS app simplifies maintenance even further by removing any reliance on in field paperwork meaning all of your practices can be completed in the MEX digital space.

Increase the accuracy, efficiency and speed of on the go maintenance with almost all the functionality of MEX available in the palm of your hand.

Even without a steady network connection you can access the MEX app through the ‘disconnected mode’. Sync your system before leaving the network and upload your work when you’re back in.

Never miss a beat, never bother with paperwork, use the MEX iOS App.

Customise MEX With Ease

We understand the diverse nature of the clients we deal with and have not taken the one size fits all approach when it comes to our system and its mobility.

That is why we have incorporated the ability to add extra fields to any form in MEX and even going as far as allowing the creation of through whole new modules. To take this even further, all customised modules can be easily accessed through the MEX iOS app and used and as if they were a standard MEX module.

Setting up your custom module for use on the iPad* is as easy as,

  • Making your changes to one of the custom modules in MEX on your computer.
  • Save your changes.
  • Picking up your iPad and using the new module on the MEX app.

As all this data is saved in the MEX database so that new reports can be created and used to display the added information.

Download the MEX iOS App Today
The MEX iOS app can be downloaded from the Apple App Store as a free download. The MEX app will optimise to the correct size for iPad, iPhones and iPod Touches.

The screen layouts and in some cases the way that the functionality is performed will differ depending upon the iOS device that you are using.