MEX iOS Apps

Class Leading MEX iOS Apps

To keep your business competitive in the market, it is important to see the state of your operations at all times.

From Assets to Reporting, now more than ever before MEX has expanded its iOS application to make it easier for you to do your job anywhere, anytime.

Access MEX Anywhere, Anytime

Use MEX on your iPhone, iPad or even your iPod.

MEX Asset Register Icon

Asset Register

With full access to your Asset Register users can add new assets, take a photo and view any data associated with your Assets.
MEX Work Order Icon

Work Orders

Manage your work, wherever you are. You can add, edit, print, complete and sign off on Work Orders.
MEX Maintenance Requests Icon

Maintenance Requests

Submit job requests from the palm of your hand. Users can also edit, approve, cancel and open Work Orders from Requests.
MEX Reading Icon

Equipment Readings

This allows users to create new readings and be able to process existing Readings for Assets within MEX.
MEX Reports Icon


With all the MEX Reports accessible through the MEX app, users can extract any piece data they need from the MEX System.
MEX Track Equipment Icon

Track Equipment

Track your Assets and personnel with the Tracking Module. Once activated, the device’s GPS location is transmitted back to MEX.
MEX Offline Mode Icon

Take MEX Offline

Use the MEX app offline with Go Mobile. Allowing users to enter and process data in MEX without having a physical connection to a live database.
MEX Stores Icon

Manage Stores*

The MEX iOS app gives users access to MEX Stores*. Giving you the ability to take control of your Inventory Management while on the run.

Go Mobile with MEX

While most of the MEX functionality requires a live network connection to the MEX database to operate, there are functions that can operate without network connectivity in a "disconnected" mode.

This means that your device can be synchronised with the MEX database before you leave the network area and operate with the data that is held on the device.

When you are back in an area with network connectivity your device can be synchronised again and the MEX database updated with the work that you have done while you were out of network range.

  • Sync your data onto the iOS device
  • Carry on with your maintenance work and inspections
  • Sync all work back to MEX when back in network coverage

Introducing the MEX iOS App View!

With the release of the MEX CMMS iOS app V2.2 comes a brand new and exciting feature called App View that builds upon the success of the MEX iOS app and adds a new dimension to using MEX on the road.

Download the MEX iOS App Today
The MEX iOS application can be obtained from the Apple App Store as a free download. The application can be installed onto any iOS device including the iPad, the iPhone and the iPod Touch. When installed the MEX application will detect the type of device that it is running on and optimise the screens based on the different screen sizes.

This means that the screen layouts and in some cases the way that the functionality is performed will differ depending upon the device that you are using.