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MEX — Complete Maintenance Software Solution

MEX — Complete Maintenance Management Solution for Asset Maintenance & Breakdown Prevention

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FleetMEX — Fleet Maintenance Software

FleetMEX — Complete Maintenance Solution for Fleet companies, manage your Fuel, Oil, Readings and Maintenance Tasks.

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MEX Ops — Job Request Solution

MEX Ops — is a Job Request solution, used in conjunction with MEX or FleetMEX.


A paperless maintenance environment is easily achieved thanks to digital innovations of the 21st century. The MEX Mobile Solution simplifies maintenance even further by removing any reliance on in field paperwork meaning all of your practices can be completed in the MEX digital space.

Increase the accuracy, efficiency and speed of on the go maintenance with almost all the functionality of MEX available in the palm of your hand.

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MEX Tutorials


Introduction to MEX modules

We take a look at the main modules of the MEX Maintenance Software. From the Asset Register to the Work Orders, Preventative Maintenance, Readings, Requests and Inventory Management.



MEX Introduction

In this video we cover the basics of the Asset Register, Work Orders, History, Preventative Maintenance, Statutory Reporting and the Stores modules of the system, as well as provide a good overview of the rest of the features and MEX Mobile.



Using Prestarts in MEX

MEX Prestarts allows your operators to perform a series of checks to confirm the equipment is safe to operate before starting work.