MEX Single Sign On

MEX Single Sign On (SSO)

Improving Security & Simplifying User Access

For security reasons, we are all required to change our passwords periodically. It’s hard enough with a couple of accounts, but at times we work with many applications in our daily jobs and having to come up with, and remember new ones on a constant basis can be frustrating.

MEX SSO comes as a standard feature and takes the hassle out of having to remember different credentials for multiple applications and eliminates the need to individually log into each one every time you need to use it. MEX SSO as a standard feature handles this in the back end allowing users to open up and instantly use all MEX applications with their credentials automatically activated.

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How Single Sign On Works

An Overview


MEX SSO allows customers to specify an Identity Provider (such as ADFS) that MEX 15 can authenticate against, utilising your choice of either WS-Federation or SAML 2.0 protocols. This means that once a user has logged into the Identity Provider they will not need to enter any credentials again and MEX will know who they are.

Upon opening the MEX application, MEX will cross check their credentials within the MEX Database and if that user exists, grant them access. In the case where the user does not exist, a new user is set up in MEX with the selected security group nominated in the setup of MEX SSO for new users.

Here is a flow chart illustrating this process:

MEX SSO Flow Chart

All MEX applications are compatible with the MEX SSO including MEX, FleetMEX, MEX Ops and the newly released MEX Dashboard.

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