Testimonials from MEX Users

At MEX we constantly strive for customer satisfaction. Our products are designed by users for users, our service is effective, efficient and friendly and we love to get feedback. Below are some comments from customers and their experiences with our products and staff.

Pacific Marine Group Pty Ltd

Craig Latimer

"I have found MEX to be a very professional company with a great product. From Sales through to Consulting I have found them to be more than helpful. Their Support Team have proven themselves to be very competent and patient. MEX's Customer focus and their ability to respond to Customer requirements is outstanding. I highly recommend them."

Watpac Civil & Mining

Brian Murray

"I have been involved with a number of Computerized Maintenance Management Systems over the years. I have found MEX to be a very comprehensive package that equals the capabilities of many of the larger and more expensive systems, and is ideally suited to smaller businesses who do not need all the "bells & whistles". Best of all - it is an Australian product, with Australian support and regular training."

DuluxGroup - NZ

Roy Quartel

"I already had a maintenance system in place, when I was told I had to change to MEX, to come into line with other parts of the business. At first I was not happy about the decision, but the more I got into MEX, the more I saw how superior it was to my old system, and the more I use it the more I like it. There's so much you can do with it."

Universal Mobile Tower Hire

Allison Feldman

"FleetMEX has really worked for us, easy to use, easy to set up, flexible enough to grow with you. Excellent value compared to other programs we looked at."

Cranbrook School

Allan Hobbs

"I have been pleasantly surprised by the consistently high quality service delivered by MEX and would highly recommend their services to anyone looking for a hard working company in the Asset Management Software sector."


Bruno Nourdine

"An easy to use management system with great customization options and great support services"

Brisbane Gateway Resort

Murray Holland

"MEX helps us deliver and maintain high quality accommodation, facilities and experiences for our guests and enables us to maintain our property effectively and professionally."

NewGen Power Kwinana Pty Ltd

Tim Harrison

"MEX is a very impressive and capable Maintenance solution that is backed up by a very intelligent and proactive support organization. The support from the team in Brisbane is very quick, accurate and thorough. They are very quick to implement suggestions and recommendations to make our lives on the front line easier and more efficient."

FCF Minerals Corporation

Joshua Balante

"MEX deliver great results by offering true partnership with their clients and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a stand out performer in the Asset Management Software sector"

Ardagh - Milperra

Greg Saywell

"I have installed MEX in 4 organization within Australia and the Asian Pacific region and have found the MEX organization to be helpful when problems arose, along with the level of training provided for planners and operators assisted with the seamless integration of the maintenance management system."

NAT - Newcastle Agri Terminal

Dave Davies

"MEX is a great product. I have implemented it in many businesses to date and will do so again in the future. It is very user friendly and is set out in a very logical way. I enjoy using MEX and highly recommend it as a CMMS."

State Automation

"Without the always friendly help from your support team, our tender proposal would not have been submitted without meeting our own high expectations. Thanks to Sarah who has spent a little time on this with me. A Very big Thank you to Ryan Storey who prioritised our requests in order to get our proposal out on time. Ryan was consistently courteous, professional and succinctly diligent. Ryan delivered on everything that was proposed, on or before schedule. I was constantly kept in the loop regarding the status of all works carried out.

In the case of us being appointed with the proposed tender, there will be no doubt that your staff, particularly Ryan, would have affected this desired outcome."


"I called your customer service office yesterday "Spoke to Sarah" with regards to obtaining another copy of MEX because my copy was stolen. I received everything today. I must congratulate you and your team on the prompt service. Since I have been in New Zealand for 10 years I have never had such good service and I believe that this is a major strength to grow the company."

Sims Metal

David Mathers, Production Manager

"..I can see that from today’s course how helpful MEX will be for the day to day running of the plant. For costing, downtime, trending, stores, assets and inspections."

Hollywood Private Hospital

Allison, Admin Officer

"Reporting features are excellent. I like having the ability to change names so I can virtually create the style of report/work order I like and that suits our company."

Brickwood Holdings

David Simpkin, Maintenance Manager

"[MEX is] Easy to use and set up. Very good way of tracking costs and History."

Pacific Hydro

Caitlin Wilson, Operation Engineer

"The setup process was greatly assisted by MEX, using their trainers at our work place saved us significant amounts of time."