Western Murray Irrigation Case Study

An Australian irrigation infrastructure operator chose MEX for its ease of use, in depth functionality and logical hierarchy to take control of their maintenance operations.

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Western Murray Irrigation supplies untreated river water and provides drainage services to irrigation and domestic customers in three different NSW locations in the Sunraysia area. We operate 5 pump stations, a fully pipelined supply network, customer outlets, meters and telemetry, and a deep and surface drain system.

Why did you choose to purchase MEX CMMS?

After searching through numerous CMMS solutions, MEX was fully compatible with our other business systems via its SQL database. MEX is simple to use, while having in depth functionality for more complex operations, enabling us to add more functionality as we move through the learning curve. MEX fully supports us for all of our maintenance functions.

How did you find the sales process?

The sales process was simple and well explained. Furthermore, the MEX customer/technical support was also good during the sales process, as we had a lot of questions before purchasing the system.

What are your maintenance goals & how is MEX used to achieve them?

Currently our asset register, maintenance documentation, scheduling, etc, are performed with a clumsy array of spreadsheets and separate programs. This has proven to be quite a time-consuming operation, where we are constantly trying to ensure all records are correctly updated, not duplicated or just missed. We expect MEX will pull all this data together and integrate it into one place and store the information on the SQL database; the business systems will then share this one true version of the data.

What are your future plans with MEX?

We have a lot of assets, possibly around a million; the hierarchy system makes this easy to organise. Fortunately, we do not have to load all these items at once, where we are building up the asset register and maintenance schedules as we go and transitioning to MEX from our spreadsheets. For breakdowns or modifications, the new asset is immediately created in MEX (if not already created previously). We usually create new multiple assets of the same type using the duplicate function, this saves a lot of time.

The online MEX help is one of the best I’ve used with ‘any’ program. We have managed to navigate our way through new tasks in a methodical way.

The face-to-face course was a little delayed through COVID travel restrictions; however, this worked well, as we already had a good idea of how to use the basics of MEX, so the learning process for the more complex items was much easier.

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