Logistics Maintenance Management

Logistics Maintenance with MEX

As recent events have swept the globe, the world of logistics has been turned upside down. With the sudden disruption to air and sea freight, logistics companies are left to pick up the pieces and re-establish the vital connections.

Many logistics companies now find themselves transporting and distributing all different types of goods. Whether it’s the essentials like food and fresh produce, there is now a huge demand to transfer medical supplies and life-saving equipment.

By using the MEX CMMS, your organisation will be empowered to track and analyse all your asset’s usage, inspections requirements and costs. With MEX, you will control all the maintenance operations across your fleet, warehouses and critical equipment.

Vital transfers of goods can continue and logistics firms and distribution centres can efficiency hold the world of trade and commerce together.

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Increase Productivity

Reduce Costs

For organisations in the logistics and distribution industry, MEX is particularly important because it allows maintenance teams to minimise the impact of downtime, improve safety and track maintenance for audits and inspections. 

Effectively Reduce Downtime

The operational pressures on Logistics and Distribution Centres are intense. As customers demand faster response times, breakdowns and downtime are costly. The MEX CMMS ensures you are taking care of all Preventative Maintenance and Spares Management for anything that is critical.

Keep All Your Equipment Healthy

MEX drives efficiency in warehouses by automating the collation, organisation and distribution of important information from one centralised and digital location. Generate alerts, record equipment repair history and track asset condition trends to prolong asset lifespans within your facility.

Work and Make Decisions Remotely

With a Hosted MEX system, it can be accessed from anywhere, at any time. Managers can make informed decisions without being physically present. Communication among staff is boosted, where they can check the status of work order, monitor the progress of repairs & receive alerts on the go.

Implement Smart Auditing and Inspections

As strict requirements remain for routine inspections and safety audits, MEX is here to help. Create, schedule, perform and record inspections to prove you a complying. Quality assurance, safety and hazard inspections are all looked after by MEX to keep any chaos at bay & eliminates headaches.

Maintenance Requests


Allow users to submit maintenance requests anywhere, any time. Either from from a browser, mobile or tablet. Capturing all details, photos and predefined electronic forms.

Working in MEX, your maintenance team can then categorically sort requests according to a preferred priority schedule, weeding out any low priority issues and turning high priority requests into actionable Work Orders.

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MEX Ops Request Process

All in One Digital Platform

MEX Prestarts

Capture All Your Prestarts

In Real Time

Introducing MEX Prestarts! Identify Minor Issues Before They Become Major Ones. Minimise Downtime Save Money in the Process.

Step through your checks and capture all information effortlessly. The user-friendly digital form ensures fast completion and accurate issue identification, streamlining maintenance processes and promoting proactive asset management effectively.

Scan Code

Simply scan the QR Code and confirm the Asset's details.

Perform Prestart

Carry out the Prestart, running through all the checks.

Capture in MEX

All Information, Images and Readings are saved directly in MEX.

MEX Prestarts

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Have to Say

"Once you know how to operate the system, its actually very easy. We are aiming to go completely paperless with all our PM's and WO's at some stage and with the way MEX is set up currently it’s all possible. Excellent program."

"We are using MEX to create a work history in the event of an audit. It has also made our end of month process a lot simpler and faster. Easy to use and navigate. It has made maintenance easier."

"FleetMEX helps track all our fleet asset location, maintenance cost, takes care of the maintenance and inventory requirements, service projections, outstanding works and fleet reporting."