Mining Maintenance Management

Managing Equipment with MEX

An effective maintenance management approach can go a long way in improving your mining operation. Coupled with the use of a CMMS, you can gather real-time actionable data through inspections, prestarts or carrying out scheduled maintenance tasks.

Work toward an effective and sustainable Preventative Maintenance backbone that will dictate your maintenance activities. In the process reducing downtime and preventing unwanted breakdowns.

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Manage. Monitor. Maintain.

The MEX Way

Track & Manage Assets Throughout lifecycle

Operations of all sizes can efficiently track and manage assets throughout their entire lifecycle.

Efficient Request Management

MEX Ops streamlines communication between maintenance departments and other employees.

Capture All Job Details

From WO task assignment for maximum productivity to effortless access to maintenance records.

Schedule Preventative Maintenance

Asset based defined schedules ensure that critical equipment and facilities are safe to operate.

We’re Here To Help You

Maintain Control

Quality Product Support

Customer service, support and training is part of our culture at MEX. Our team provides quality support and in-house software development, ensuring that priority fixes are instantaneously updated into the system.

Maintain on the Go

Monitor the state of your mining operation at all times, increase organisational visibility and confidently carry out tasks on site. Promoting a paperless maintenance environment through the new look MEX Mobile app.

Manage Stock with Ease

With MEX, you can view what spare parts are required for upcoming tasks so you can make sure inventory is always stocked. You will never be caught out and left waiting for that crucial part to come in.

Capture All Prestarts

In Real Time

Identify minor issues before they become major ones with MEX Prestarts. Light or vehicle can be easily created and distributed to drivers to complete.

Prestarts is so simple to use, allowing you to accurately collate data, capture images, raise maintenance requests and significantly boosting your early issue detection efforts.

Scan Code

Simply scan the QR Code and confirm the Asset's details.

Perform Prestart

Carry out the Prestart, running through all the checks.

Capture in MEX

All Information, Images and Readings are saved directly in MEX.

MEX Prestarts

Companies that Trust

Our Solution

Cape Utilities

Cape Utilities is a unison of Cape Crushing and Earthmoving & Underground Services Australia that provides innovative and cost-effective solutions to businesses operating in the resources, utilities and infrastructure sectors. The company’s areas of expertise include civil, mining services and underground utility installation and maintenance.


Geo40 was established in 2010 to develop technologies for the extraction of minerals from geothermal fluid that has been used to generate electricity. Geo40 has recently enlisted the help of the MEX CMMS to manage their maintenance operation.

Mannion Drilling

Mannion Drilling is a family operated company located in Gunnedah specialising in providing leading edge water and mineral exploratory drilling services to both the public and private sector including government, mining and agricultural projects across NSW.