What is a CMMS?

A Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS), is a software package designed to help managers streamline maintenance operations. CMMS’s are used by a variety of industries ranging from retail to manufacturing, facilities to mining.

When implemented correctly, a CMMS can enable its users to effectively maintain their assets, efficiently allocate personnel to any work to be carried out and capture all associated costs, hours, spare parts, etc. In turn the risk of asset breakdowns is significantly reduced and productivity is boosted immensely.

A company at any stage in their life-cycle can successfully implement and take advantage of a CMMS. New companies making use of a CMMS will grow with the system, creating a ‘company culture’ around effective maintenance. Established enterprises can easily transition to a reliable CMMS that is designed to save time, money and equipment.

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How Can MEX CMMS Help?

Our Solution


The MEX CMMS provides comprehensive information on all of the equipment and facilities you maintain.

By taking the stress out of maintenance management. The all in one digital platform gives you a simple and effective CMMS tool to monitor anything and everything that’s Maintenance related.

Here are some of the strengths of the MEX CMMS Solution

Track Work Orders

Track Work Orders

MEX makes scheduling and tracking work orders a breeze. Your technicians are given the power to know exactly what to do and can seamlessly manage & record their work.

Preventative Maintenance

Preventative Maintenance

Establish steady maintenance plans and set up an effective preventative maintenance program. MEX allows you to easily automate PM scheduling so you can stop wasting hours.

Streamlined Work Requests

Streamlined Work Requests

MEX gives you the tools to effectively capture all Maintenance Job Requests. All work is organised in a clear & prioritised order so the right work gets done by the right person.

Effective Asset Management

Effective Asset Management

MEX allows you to set up an unlimited number of assets to plan for productivity & know what needs maintenance, when and what specific job is required.

Parts and Inventory Management

Parts & Inventory Management

You can track, manage and control your inventory by monitoring stock levels, replacing parts on time and eliminating wait times on critical spares.

Easy Reporting

Easy Reporting

MEX allows you to extract any piece of information from the database to help you keep an eye on your overall operation with the ability to capture performance.


A paperless maintenance environment is easily achieved thanks to digital innovations of the 21st century. The MEX Mobile Solution simplifies maintenance even further by removing any reliance on in field paperwork meaning all of your practices can be completed in the MEX digital space.

Increase the accuracy, efficiency and speed of on the go maintenance with almost all the functionality of MEX available in the palm of your hand.

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MEX delivers you simplicity and functionality for the management of all your maintenance and inventory needs.

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