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What is a CMMS?

A Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) is software designed to streamline maintenance operations across various industries, from retail to manufacturing and facilities to mining.

Key Benefits:

  • Efficient Asset Maintenance: Effectively maintain assets and allocate personnel for maintenance tasks.
  • Cost Tracking: Capture all associated costs, hours, and spare parts.
  • Reduced Breakdown Risks: Minimize the risk of asset breakdowns through proactive maintenance
  • Boosted Productivity: Enhance productivity by ensuring equipment operates smoothly.

Suitable for Any Business Stage:

  • New Companies: Establish a culture of effective maintenance from the start.
  • Established Enterprises: Transition seamlessly to a reliable CMMS to save time, money, and equipment.
CMMS Flow Chart

How Can MEX Help You?

Our Solutions

A comprehensive repository of information for every asset in your organization. It goes beyond mere observation by enabling you to add new work orders, assign tasks, track job schedules, and manage the lifecycle of your assets efficiently. From creating work orders to closing completed ones, the Asset Register empowers you with complete control.

MEX Asset Register
Work Orders enable you to manage and track all work within your organization. From urgent requests to scheduled jobs, you can swiftly input job details, assign tasks, and track spare parts. It serves as a central hub for saving historical work, ensuring efficient and effortless workflow management.

swiftly input job details and assign tasks and spare parts effortlessly.

MEX Work Orders
With Preventative Maintenance, effortlessly select assets or groups of assets and assign trades, parts, and documents. Set frequencies based on time or usage, establish hierarchical task structures, and let the MEX PM Activator handle the rest. Carry out inspections conveniently using handheld devices through our MEX App for streamlined maintenance processes.

MEX Preventative Maintenance
Readings provide valuable analytics collected from your equipment, enabling enhanced asset performance management. Whether sourced from Work Orders or directly from assets, these data-driven insights ensure more accurate preventive maintenance schedules and facilitate better overall asset management.
With Request Management, you can efficiently gather maintenance requests from all employees, whether through MEX Ops or by creating requests within MEX. This feature allows for seamless capture and organization of maintenance requests, ensuring effective communication and streamlined workflow for addressing maintenance needs across your organization.

MEX Ops Requests
MEX Stores provides a centralized solution for managing parts, offering features such as a complete electronic approvals system. Easily create orders for materials and services from suppliers, while benefiting from robust reporting capabilities within MEX Stores. This comprehensive tool streamlines parts management and enhances overall efficiency in your organization.

MEX Stores Information

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Health Care Building

Health Care

Maintenance in a Health Care facility can mean the difference between life and death. Making maintenance and the tools used in a medical facility extremely important in the whole operation of the equipment and facilities that house them.

FleetMEX Trucks

Fleet Management

Managing a fleet of vehicles can be costly and time consuming. Keeping your fleet running and operational on a day-to-day basis can become a challenge. Use FleetMEX to reduce breakdowns and manage your vehicle servicing schedule.

FleetMEX Trucks


The MEX CMMS is a great tool to develop effective maintenance practices to help build a defence against the impact of downtime. Manufacturers can avoid the nasty consequences of downtime by going paperless with MEX.

FleetMEX Trucks

Food Processing

The MEX CMMS Solution provides the unique tools to support the new ways of working! As the demand for food and beverages continues to skyrocket, MEX helps you keep track and maintain your machines, production lines and facilities.

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At MEX, we make complex maintenance task simple, affordable, and effcient - enhancing
the productivity of your operations and supporting your success.

At MEX, we make complex maintenance task simple, affordable, and effcient - enhancing the productivity of your operations and supporting your success.

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