Aged Care Maintenance Management

Moving Into The Digital Age

Using CMMS software to streamline facility operations

It goes without saying that a well maintained aged care facility increases patient and resident’s comfort and safety. Effective maintenance management policies and work place health and safety procedures are critical when determining the overall level of facility safety and maintainability.

Comprehensive maintenance, auditing and inspections should be conducted on a regular basis to ensure all equipment is functioning correctly and the facility is operating at a safe and comfortable level for residents.

Failure to correctly maintain or prove you maintain your facility to accreditable standards can come with some pretty serious consequences, anything from ineffective working operations, accidents, equipment breakdowns that can lead to sanctions, fine or even loss of accreditation. It’s always best to have a quality management and control systems in place to effectively maintain your facilities and keep comprehensive maintenance records.

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Computerised Maintenance Management in Aged Care

Software is used throughout the health care industry to manage patients, availability, scheduling, payments and so on and so on. There’s a general standard for maintaining residents and patients to ensure things run as smoothly as possible. However, another element that is sometimes over looked is the potential for software innovation in terms of facilities maintenance. A patient’s surroundings and environment has a heavy bearing on their state of mind, their happiness and sense of safety, a well maintained and run facility can make a difference.

A Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS) is a software package that’s designed to help organisations keep abreast of all the assets they own and manage, the current work that’s required, previous works conducted and all their associated details.

Implementing a CMMS in an Aged care facility enables asset monitoring and the computerised element means your work history is saved in a convenient location to be called upon for any auditing or accreditation practises. CMMS systems encourage organisations to be at the forefront of maintenance, they are a constant reminder of the necessity of maintaining equipment and adhering to safety guidelines.

MEX in Aged Care

MEX Maintenance Software is used by aged and health facilities across the country to manage maintenance and ensure facilities are always running at peak performance.  MEX has a number of functions that are designed to manage safety and maintenance procedures.

Manage Your Assets Effectively

You can use the MEX Asset Register to monitor and track all your critical assets, their details and their work order history.

  • Collate all your Assets in one place
  • Track work carried out on each Asset
  • Attach asset manuals or Work Permits
  • Work Order History to prove regulatory compliance
  • Assign warranty information to each Asset, set alerts so you don’t pay for unnecessary maintenance
  • Easily track your compliance with Asset maintenance and regulations

Schedule Maintenance with Ease

The Preventative Maintenance module in MEX is used to schedule repetitive maintenance orders to minimise any chance of an unwanted breakdown.

  • Implement & PM policies with ease
  • Ensure you are spending the right amount on Preventative Maintenance
  • Back up Your decisions with accurate data
  • Comparing preventative vs. repair costs on all asset and adjust PM spend accordingly
  • Use accumulated repair data to implement intelligent, predictive maintenance schedules or to back up asset replacement

Accurately Report on Maintenance

With the vast amount of equipment information stored against equipment, reports for auditing and analytic purposes are readily available.

  • MEX has over 200+ reports available, allowing you to extract any piece of information from the MEX database.
  • Customise current reports or create a completely new report from scratch allowing you to monitor and report on anything you deem important.
  • If the information is available, MEX will give you the data you need to make in-formed decisions about your Asset's maintenance.

Inventory Management

Through MEX Stores conduct comprehensive inventory management

  • Monitor stock levels and auto replenish to minimise wait times on critical parts
  • Conduct Stocktakes
  • Monitor purchasing

Simple Maintenance Request Submission

  • MEX Ops can be used by all staff to report any unsafe or hazardous conditions identified within the facility. Allowing your maintenance team to make in-formed decisions on how to fix reported issues.

Asset Auditing **NEW**

  • Conduct periodic Asset Audits to ensure the equipment is functioning correctly and efficiently.
  • Report on audits to ensure safety procedures are being followed
  • You can find more information in our latest blog article on Auditing - Introducing Asset Auditing in MEX

Streamline your maintenance with the MEX CMMS

MEX is a simple to use CMMS, that can be moulded to suit your facility’s needs, effectively monitor and manage all your assets and maintenance tasks. Store all your information in one place and use the data to prove comprehensive facility maintenance practices for any auditing or accreditation practices.

Stepping into the digital world with MEX will streamline your practices and give you a medium to be monitoring and maintaining your facility. Give your residents a safe well maintained facility with MEX.

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