Preventative Maintenance in MEX

Preventative Maintenance

What steps do you take to prolong the life of your equipment?

MEX has the ability to schedule periodic inspections and/or carrying out regular maintenance to prevent, detect and correct any possible failures before they occur or develop into major issues leading to equipment downtime.

This is done through our comprehensive Preventative Maintenance Module that allows you to plan all the work on any Preventative Maintenance or routine jobs including all resources and manage all parts of your routine maintenance program.

The most notable features of the Preventative Features in MEX include the ability to:

  • Create PM schedules using a Time based frequency. Eg Days, weeks, months and years
  • Create PM schedules using a Usage based frequency. Eg Hours, kilometres, miles, tonnes, pounds, etc
  • Create Condition based PM Schedules. Eg if thickness less than 5mm then create a new Work Order
  • Reduce setup time by creating PM schedules for Assets grouped in Asset types, Manufacturer and/or Model numbers
  • Create Inspection PM Schedules that have the ability to cover multiple pieces of equipment, and can be carried out on mobile devices in the field
  • Allocate estimated manpower, contractors required, estimated parts list and automatically reserve these parts on creation of a new Work Order
  • Clearly outline Safety Notes and Risks
  • Add Permits
  • List all Tasks that need to be performed
  • Assign Departments to particular PMs
  • Create long term schedules calendars

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MEX Preventative Maintenance Module

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MEX Preventative Maintenance Module
MEX Preventative Maintenance Module
MEX Preventative Maintenance Module

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