MEX Asset Register

Asset Register - The Focal Point of a CMMS

Every Asset that is to be tracked by the MEX CMMS and have work carried out on it needs to be created in the Asset Register. This is the focal point of the CMMS and provides the tools to capture Asset information in depth.

In addition to the Asset Register being used to record details on Assets, it is also a useful tool to quickly view data relating to specific Assets. With easy to use search functionality, the Asset Register lays the foundation for easy to use Maintenance Management system.

As Maintenance Management is dynamic, MEX is also designed in this manner. It is possible to set up MEX with minimal information to get the system running, then return at a later date to add additional details and equipment. You can continue to add Assets to the Asset Register throughout the life of the MEX system. If an Asset is moved, renamed or decommissioned you can also do this within MEX .

The most notable features of the Asset Register in MEX include:

  • Asset information (account code, supplier, warranty, purchase details, etc)
  • Work History
  • Work Outstanding
  • Spare parts used on the Asset
  • Previous locations of the Asset
  • Last service dates and readings

In addition, many actions can be performed from the Asset Register including:

  • Adding new Work Orders (Jobs)
  • Closing Work Orders to History on completion of work
  • Moving Assets within the Asset Register structure

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