MEX Maintenance Software in Agriculture Management

Maintenance Management in Agriculture

Feeding a nation is an essential service. It is important to keep our agriculture and farming industries strong during these uncertain times. Maintaining production, supply chains and access to workforce is critical to the ongoing success of any agricultural operation.

MEX will help this essential service to keep running! Food and produce will continue to be put on the tables. With the MEX Maintenance System, farmers are equipped with a useful tool to clarify their long term goals, identify the actions needed and to manage uncertainty and risk.

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Manage All Equipment

The MEX Way


The MEX Maintenance Software is imperative in ensuring unexpected downtime is avoided. See all your expensive equipment and their history through one digital platform.

Reduce Downtime and Maintenance Costs

As production increases, farming equipment and machines may wear out and get damaged overtime. Cut expenses on equipment repair and replacement by applying an effective Preventative Maintenance Schedule based on data gathering and intuitive analysis.

Manage Inventory and Monitor Purchases

Streamline your processes and remain confident that your spare parts are always on hand. MEX lets farmers pre-plan their spare part purchases to ultimately save money and avoid equipment breakdowns during busy seasons.

Adhere to Work Place OH&S Standards

Machine and operators’ safety is a core concept of the MEX system. Allocate resources intelligently and keep them informed of the safety measures put in place. Not to mention, with MEX you can prepare Audits and keep important documentation to show legislation is upheld.

Companies that Trust

Our Solution


JT Johnson and Sons

J.T Johnson & Sons is an Australian company that is a leading manufacturer, marketer and exporter of animal stock feed. MEX helps them monitor and organise their cleaning jobs and also records all necessary job notes, work orders and expenses.

The New Zealand King Salmon Co

The New Zealand King Salmon Co. have a high need for engineering and electrical services at their farms and processing plants. MEX helps them manage these services by recording and tracking all maintenance activities carried out on all equipment.

Queensland Sugar Limited

Queensland Sugar Limited (QSL) is a leader in the raw sugar market in Australia and has over the years built an excellent reputation for quality. QSL utilize MEX through our hosted service across six bulk sugar terminals to manage and mobilise day-to-day maintenance activities.

Nelson Forests LTD

Nelson Forests Ltd is a New Zealand based forestry company that’s been managed by Global Forest Partners, one of the world’s oldest and largest forestry investment managers and advisors. MEX is used at the Kaituna Sawmill to manage the maintenance activities on site. We use the Asset Register to organise our assets based on functionality.

Casella Family Brands

Casella Family Brands is the largest wine maker of exported product in Australia producing in excess of 140 million bottles per annum with an average output of 55 containers per day leaving the site to supply the world market. At Casella MEX is heavily integrated into their operation and is utilised as a means of achieving our maintenance objectives.

Western Murray Irrigation

Western Murray Irrigation supplies untreated river water and provides drainage services to irrigation and domestic customers in the Sunraysia, NSW. Operating a number of pump stations, pipelined supply network, customer outlets, and more.