MEX Maintenance Software in Agriculture Management

MEX Maintenance Software in Agriculture Management

Over the decades the methods used to grow, farm, produce and distribute product and produce have evolved. Technologies are developing, machinery is advancing, what was once done by hand is now performed by a variety of equipment. The correct maintenance and operation of this equipment is now impetrative to the success of any agricultural and farming operation.

MEX Maintenance Software plays a critical role in the ongoing monitoring and maintenance of equipment to avoid any unexpected downtime that can lead to a decrease in overall operational functionality and there in turn a loss of profits.
Simplify your asset management with MEX.

  • See all your Assets & their history in one digital platform
  • Go paperless and reduce your paperwork
  • Use maintenance schedules and alerts
  • Reduce downtime on equipment and maintenance costs
  • Manage your Inventory & Spare Parts Catalogue
  • Monitor your purchases
  • Monitor Work Place Health & Safety Standards
  • Easily store & track all regulatory standard practices.

MEX Customers in the Agricultural Sector

Nelson Forests

“MEX has greatly improved our plant uptime, and increased efficiency in tracking the maintenance of our assets.”

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J.T Johnson & Sons

“Due to the large quantities of pellets, hay and straw that we export we must adhere to quarantine requirements. These guidelines include vigorous cleaning standards to ensure our exported goods are safe. The benefit of having MEX is that it gives us the ability to monitor and schedule our cleaning.”

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Warrnambool Cheese & Butter

“We currently utilise the following MEX features: Work Orders, Invoicing, Preventative Maintenance, Requests (with MEX Ops), Keys and Stores (including purchasing via MEX). These features are used collectively to capture all maintenance information from start to finish, encompassing all costs were have incurred in the process.”

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Quality Support To back you up

The MEX Support team provide a high level of customer service, support and issue resolution. The Support team ensure that you get the full potential from the MEX Software providing advice, assistance and resolutions as well as providing integral feedback from customers on the system.