JT Johnson and Sons Case Study

See how MEX has helped an animal stock feed manufacturer maximise equipment uptime & productivity. In the process easing the burden of storing paper-based maintenance records.

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J.T Johnson & Sons is an Australian company that has grown to become one of the leading manufacturers & marketers of animal stock feed. With a strong foundation in Australia, J.T Johnson & Sons are also the largest exporter of hay, pellets and straw to Middle Eastern and Asian fodder markets. With 300,000 metric tonnes produced and sold annually, 90 employees, overseas plants in Canada and foreign partnerships, J.T Johnson & Sons has come leaps and bounds since its inception in 1923. Now based out of the hay rich plains of Kapunda, J.T Johnson & Sons have grown with demand and have over the years made solid investments into high quality infrastructure and also into their milling and harvesting equipment to ensure that they are operating at world class standards.

How is the MEX Software Used?

MEX is crucial to our maintenance operation here at J.T Johnson & Sons. We use MEX as a means to record all comprehensive service and costs involved in maintaining our equipment. Preventative Maintenance is a big priority for us and for that reason we have set up comprehensive schedules in MEX to aid our efforts in curbing equipment breakdowns. With these maintenance schedules and reminders in place we only need to enter the required information and the rest is taken care of.

In order to keep track of all of the spare parts used on our equipment, we use the MEX Stores Module. This has helped us to keep track of our stock levels and through the stocktake functionality, we are able to get accurate stock numbers that we can compare to the semi accurate figures we already have in mind.

We can also take advantage of the portability of MEX when carrying out these stocktakes through the use of the MEX iOS App.

Going forward we hope to utilise the full functionality of MEX Stores. At present we are still slightly reactive when it comes to stock levels but our aim is to be at a preventative level with equipment stock in the near future. This will ensure that we always have the appropriate parts in stock to maximise equipment uptime and productivity

What benefits have you seen since implementing MEX?

Due to the large quantities of pellets, hay and straw that we export we must adhere to quarantine requirements. These guidelines include vigorous cleaning standards to ensure our exported goods are safe, putting cleanliness on top of our list of priorities and making the effective management of it an essential part of our operation. The benefit of having MEX is that it gives us the ability to monitor and schedule our cleaning. MEX facilitates the monitoring and organisation of this routine by scheduling cleaning jobs and recording all necessary job notes, work orders and expenses.

MEX has also eased the burden of storing our maintenance records. Prior to implementing MEX, we had in place a paper-based system that required tedious volumes of paperwork for every work order, job note & expense. Being a paper-based system, the chance of losing paperwork was always high and made searching through the large volume of paper a challenge in itself.

MEX changed all of this, we no longer have to write work orders for regularly scheduled maintenance. With MEX, we can set up schedules that alert us when work needs to be carried out. All our information is logically laid out making searching for records so much easier. The digital platform has freed up our time, and has led to a more organised approach to our maintenance. On top of all of that, if we are ever audited, all our Asset information can be readily accessed and reports specific to each one printed and sent off­.

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