MEX Maintenance Software in Government Management

MEX Maintenance Software in Government Management

Every government has millions or even billions of dollars’ worth of assets that are used to service and maintain the community. Without an effective system in place to monitor and maintain these assets undoubtedly you will experience unwanted downtime, shortened asset life cycles, ineffectual planning scheduling and budgeting. Weather your managing a fleet of vehicle or need fixed asset monitoring MEX can help you stay on top of every step in your maintenance process.

With a CMMS like MEX you have the ability to manage all elements of your maintenance operations.

Maintenance Development & Planning

Maintenance Planning

  • Plan your maintenance in advanced and schedule any deliberate servicing at optimal times to maximise your operational capacity.
  • Utilise Preventative Maintenance Scheduling to stay on top of your equipment and minimise the risk of any unwanted downtime or safety hazards.

Personel Planning

  • Schedule and assign labour
  • Allocate parts from inventory
  • Monitor hours worked
  • Stay on top of contractors with the contractor portal



  • Use work orders to manage your equipment maintenance
  • Capture ‘whole of life’ records for all your assets
  • Monitor warranty information and asset details

Quality Control

  • Regular servicing capabilities
  • Conduct asset audits or inspections ensuring you are in compliance with OHS Standards
  • Use MEX Ops to submit Maintenance Requests, increase response time and address issues before they snowball
  • Have comprehensive data history for all reporting policies and quality controls procedures available
  • Reactive maintenance records

Information Retention and Reporting

The number one compliment MEX gets is it’s an all in one system! Every piece of data you’ve ever used and ever need is stored in one central location that can be accessed by anyone (with assigned security).

At your fingertips, you will have:

  • Comprehensive Asset Work & Maintenance History’s
  • Inventory management and reporting
  • Use real financial data to forecast budgets or to justify increases
  • Generate maintenance plans based on prior data.

MEX Customers in the Government Sector

Port Stephens Council

“FleetMEX has allowed us to forecast accurate budgets for individual plant items using historical data and asset maintenance History.”

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Clarence Valley Council

“MEX enables us to see our backlog of work and justify additional resources needed to carry out our essential work.”

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Quality Support To back you up

The MEX Support team provide a high level of customer service, support and issue resolution. The Support team ensure that you get the full potential from the MEX Software providing advice, assistance and resolutions as well as providing integral feedback from customers on the system.