Clarence Valley Council Case Study

Find out how an Australian Local Council got ahead of its plant and equipment maintenance and improved its overall management of planned and reactive tasks with MEX.

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Clarence Valley is situated at the southern end of the Northern Rivers region of New South Wales. The Clarence Valley Council was formed in 2004 and has an estimated population of 49,665 people. The Council services an area of just over 10,400 square kilometres and is named after the Clarence River which flows through the valley.

What are your Maintenance Goals?

Our goal is to maintain all our plant and equipment in good working condition. We want to ensure we are providing sufficient maintenance to enable all Plant and Equipment (P&E) to run optimally without over servicing it.

What were you looking for in a CMMS?

We wanted a system that would enable us to plan and record our maintenance tasks across our wide variety of P&E. We needed something that was versatile and adaptable, and a system that could cope with both planned and reactive maintenance.
The system needed to be able to notify users when maintenance was due, store records of maintenance against assets and be mobile to accommodate field workers. We found MEX to meet these requirements.

How is MEX Used?

We use MEX predominantly to manage our water and sewer assets, for all planned maintenance, unscheduled maintenance, repairs and any reactive work. MEX is also used as a job delegation tool assisting us in our overall management and operational efficiencies.

What benefits have you seen with MEX?

MEX has assisted us to better program and manage our P&E maintenance. We now have accurate records of maintenance performed and can use the software to schedule our maintenance workforce. MEX Ops provides a user-friendly avenue for our operational staff to request repairs and track the progress of the request.

What advice would you give to anyone in local government looking to implement MEX?

Clarence Valley Council have found MEX to be an affordable, user friendly software package well suited to the needs of the Local Government Sector. The MEX Support staff have been very helpful over the years assisting us with technical enquiries and providing valuable advice about setting up our asset tree. We have had staff attend MEX training which has also been helpful.

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