Fleet Maintenance Management

MEX Maintenance Software in Fleet Management

Managing a company fleet can be a challenge in itself, but if done right can mean the difference between profits and losses. MEX understands this and that is why we have tailored our Maintenance Software to suit the management of a fleet of Vehicles. We call this solution FleetMEX.

Using FleetMEX in your daily operations will keep your fleet on the road and save you money in the process. Everything you need to know about your fleet is on the system, in an easy to read format. You’ll never be stuck on the side of the road again.

The FleetMEX Solution

FleetMEX is a tried and tested maintenance software that has over the years developed into a well-rounded fleet management system.

Incorporating a Vehicle Register, Work Order and History recording, coupled with a fully functional Preventative Maintenance module, Inspections, Inventory, Comprehensive Readings capture and an iOS app allowing you to carry out work on the road.

FleetMEX provides a fully functional off the shelf vehicle management system in the form of a CMMS that is specifically written for any company that manages the maintenance of a fleet of equipment. Click on the following link for more information on the FleetMEX CMMS.

The FleetMEX solution is easy to use and with adequate training, new users will be able to use the system with ease. See for yourself

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Features Specific to Fleet Management

  • Management of all your vehicles information through the FleetMEX Vehicle Register. From Insurance to Registration, down to the tread of the vehicles tyres
  • Set up Preventative Maintenance with ease, knowing that the right work will be scheduled and called upon at precisely the right times
  • Requests,Work Order, Inspections and the storing of all maintenance history
  • Record all Vehicle Readings in FleetMEX
  • Invoice your customers for work done
  • Keep a comprehensive Inventory Management system all within your fleet management system
  • Manage the entire Requisition and Purchasing process
  • Have total control on who has access to what with a Comprehensive Security Setup

MEX Customers in the Fleet Sector

Hall Contracting

“With MEX in place we can easily identify equipment issues before they escalate into major ones. Allowing us to keep our equipment running for longer whilst on site.”

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Dunns Earthmoving

“We now have the ability to instantly provide a snapshot of all our maintenance expenditures to management.”

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Take Control with FleetMEX

FleetMEX will help you to confidently manage your fleet operation, as well as;

  • Improve efficiency
  • Reduce transportation costs
  • Improve productivity
  • Decrease equipment downtime
  • Monitor your maintenance quickly and easily