Manufacturing Maintenance Management

MEX Maintenance Software in Manufacturing Management

As Australia’s leading C.M.M.S. MEX has a suite of products suitable for every business, in every industry. This includes the manufacturing industry within Australia and around the world. MEX has proven itself over the years to guide it’s users along each step of their maintenance operation. From tracking all inventory and machinery, to scheduling maintenance tasks for your assets.

MEX effectively manages your manufacturing plant’s maintenance whilst providing;

  • Conditioned or Time Based Maintenance
  • Regulatory Compliance & Operational Reporting
  • Financial & Cost Management
  • Asset Lifecycle Management
  • Inventory Optimization & Parts Management

Features Specific to Manufacturing Management

MEX can manage a business’s manufacturing operations across multiple sites by maximising uptime and keeping repair costs to a minimum thanks to reliability centered and Preventative Maintenance.  MEX will also reduce inventory expenses via Purchasing and Inventory Management processes, and also by ensuring regulatory compliance and appropriate financial reporting for managing costs.  We do this through accurate Statutory Reporting, streamlined processes and improved visibility of current data

Austral Bricks NSW

“Our Data Hosting experience has been excellent so far, we have had little issues with access and any issue that has arisen has been rectified quickly by the MEX Support team. The speed of the system is excellent with no lag at all.”

See how MEX helps Austral Bricks NSW manage their maintenance operation.

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Pacific Beverages Fiji

“MEX has simplified our Inventory Management practises. Our days of manually dispatching parts at times without paperwork are over, as MEX Stores has given us a tool to accurately maintain our stock levels with proper checks and controls.”

See how MEX helps Pacific Beverages Fiji manage their equipment.

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Reduce maintenance expenses and enable greater productivity with the MEX Maintenance Software.