Ports & Marine Facilities Maintenance Management

MEX Maintenance Software in Ports Management

Due to the fact that most Ports and Marine facilities are a 24-hour operation and have a narrow maintenance window, a Maintenance Management System becomes an essential part of ensuring efficient vessel turnaround time, speed of cargo handling and to prevent damage and pilferage.

MEX Maintenance Management system can be utilised to better manage these facilities and their respective assets and in the process help to reduce downtime and maintenance expenditure.

Features Specific to Ports & Marines Maintenance Management

MEX gives you the ability to effectively maintain your assets, and avoid the costly breakdowns that can severely affect the productivity of the Port, and put a whole lot of strain on your profit margin.

All assets can be recorded in the Asset register. All usage and maintenance data can then be entered and reported on to provide comprehensive performance information on both financial and maintenance aspects of any particular asset or group of assets. The Asset register can also be used to identify the physical location of assets when set up in a tree like hierarchy based on the individual geographic location of each asset. This can prove to be quite useful when dealing with a large port with large number of operating assets.

The Preventative Maintenance module in MEX can be set up to run periodically and will effectively predict all work that needs to be carried out on your assets. As a result, having assets that are constantly maintained and monitored also ensures they are safer to operate. Limiting the number of accidents within the Port and in turn allowing all effort to be concentrated on a more efficient vessel turnaround.

Other features of the MEX Maintenance Software that can be beneficial to the Ports and Marines industry include

  • Work Order Management
  • Asset Inspection
  • Readings and Fuel Registry
  • Stores Inventory
  • MEX iPad solutions with offline capability
  • Effective and customisable Reporting and KPI generators
  • Contractor management and portal access
  • Work order scheduling

Pilbara Ports Authority

MEX helps us maintain our assets with over 1600 Preventative Maintenance policies to help perform both our shutdown, long term projects and daily maintenance process. Equipment is monitored daily so we can submit work order and maintenance requests as needed.

“Hosting lightened the IT’s departments workload, so all they have to do is keep the internet going, and MEX manages the rest.”

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