Ports & Marine Facilities Maintenance Management

Ports Management with MEX Maintenance Software

Most Ports and Marine facilities operate 24/7 and have a narrow maintenance window. Using a Maintenance Management System is essential in ensuring efficient vessel turnaround time, speed of cargo handling and damage and pilferage prevention.

The MEX Maintenance Management system can be utilised to better manage these facilities and their respective assets and, in the process, help to reduce downtime and maintenance expenditure.

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Managing Your Port

The MEX Way

MEX gives you the ability to effectively maintain your assets, and avoid the costly breakdowns that can severely affect the productivity of the Port, and put a whole lot of strain on your profit margin.

Capture Assets

All assets can be recorded in the Asset Register in a hierarchical tree based on the individual geographic location of each asset. Allowing users to easily identify the physical location of assets.

Automate Maintenance

MEX can effectively predict all work that needs to be carried out on your assets. As a result, constantly maintained and monitored assets don’t breakdown as much and are safer to operate.

Request Management

Ports have a workforce that are always on the move. By giving your staff the tools to request maintenance, MEX allows for work to be easily collated, tasks assigned and jobs carried out with ease.

Go Paperless

Whether you are on a ship or on the dock, monitor the state of your operations at all times. Increase organisational visibility and seamlessly maintain a paperless maintenance environment.

Manage Contractors

Ports manage a number of different contractors. Our Contractor Portal allows these contractors to enter Purchase Orders and Invoices with ease. Allowing for better management of their work.

Accurate Reporting

All usage and maintenance data entered into MEX can be reported on to provide comprehensive performance information on both financial and maintenance aspects of your operation.

Companies that Trust

Our Solution

Bhagwan Marine

Bhagwan Marine supply state-of-the-art purpose built vessels to the Oil, Gas and Resource industries and are now the largest supplier of marine vessels within Australia. MEX helps Bhagwan Marine by giving an update view of past, present and future maintenance.

Pacific Marine Group

Throughout their 30 years of operations, Pacific Marine Group have established themselves as leaders in the marine construction and commercial diving industry. MEX helps us achieve our maintenance goals, through the Work Orders, Scheduling and the Preventative Maintenance modules.