Pacific Marine Group Case Study

A marine construction and commercial diving company has improved its planned and preventative maintenance with the help of the MEX Maintenance System.

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Pacific Marine Group was established in 1986 in Bowen North Queensland. Throughout their 30 years of operations, Pacific Marine Group have established themselves as leaders in the marine construction and commercial diving industry.

Why did you choose MEX as your CMMS?

Simply put, MEX provided the best value for money for our operation. It covered most of our requirements when comparing other software suppliers.

What are your maintenance goals?

To improve our planned and preventative maintenance with the aim of reducing the break down costs for Pacific Marine Group.

What benefits or Return on Investment have you seen since implementing MEX?

MEX helps us achieve our maintenance goals, through the Work Orders, Scheduling and the Preventative Maintenance modules. We are now able to conduct accurate timely services on our large range of diesel-powered equipment without missing any services.

We use MEX Stores to manage our inventory and streamline our maintenance. Through data collected in MEX we have been able to predict servicing requirements for our vessels before they leave for extended periods allowing us to send enough parts to cover planned services.

What advice would you give to someone looking to implement MEX?

Budget for set up costs, not just the cost of the system. You need to allow for one or more people to be full time in the initial set up and budget for a reasonable amount of consultation from MEX.

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