MEX Tradesman Training

MEX Tradesman – Four Hour Training Course


The Tradesman Training Course is intended to enable an attendee to perform the basic day-to-day tasks that would be required of a trades-level user. The course primarily focuses on the Work Order process, allowing these users to be responsible for recording their own work-related activities in the system. The Tradesman Training course typically runs over a four-hour period, allowing for multiple groups to attend.

The MEX Tradesman – Four Hour Training Course includes these topics:

MEX Navigation

  • Navigate in the Work Orders Module.
  • Navigate in the Work Order Details screen.
  • Navigate in the History Module.
  • Navigate in the Work Order History Details screen.

Asset Register Navigation

  • Navigate in the tree structure.
  • Navigate across the different tabs.
  • Use the Asset Search Tool.
  • Navigate in the Asset Details screen.

MEX Listing Activities

  • Use the Search field in the Work Order Listing.
  • Use the Range function in the History Module.
  • Change the Sort Order of the Work Order Listing.
  • Move and resize a column in the Work Order Listing.

Work Orders / History

  • Create and save your Work Order with the mandatory information.
    • Update some basic information.
    • Enter labour requirements.
    • Enter parts required.
    • Attach a document.
    • Print preview the Work Order.
  • Close off the job to History.
  • Review your Work Order in the History Module.
  • Closing off a Work Order from a Non-Fixed Preventative Maintenance.
  • Create a Post Entry Work Order.


  • Reviewing historical work for an Asset.


  • Create a maintenance Request.


  • Generate a Report.

The only pre-requisite for this course is a basic understanding of computer usage.

NB: Please be aware that running this course privately will necessitate certain equipment and/or technical requirements. If you feel that you may not be able to meet these requirements, please contact us to find out what options are available to you.

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