MEX Report Writing

MEX Report Writing – One Day Training Course


The aim of the MEX Report Writing Course is to gain knowledge and experience of the principals of the new MEX Report Designer module. In turn, being able to design, develop, and deploy new reports as well as edit existing reports.

*Please note that this course is for basic report writing only. Complex reports are not covered. If you choose to attend this course publicly, please be aware that we may be unable to help you achieve any specific outcomes, as we will have other attendees and the training is designed to suit a wide range of customers.


MEX has recently undergone extensive changes in both MEX and FleetMEX. One of the changes in the system is the inclusion of an integrated reporting module that allows the creation and editing of MEX and FleetMEX reports. This course has been designed to accommodate those who do not have prior knowledge of report design. A workbook will be provided, whereby step by step exercises have been created and intended for use, delivered in a class room environment.

The MEX Report Writing – One Day Training Course includes these topics:

  • Introduction to, and overview of the Database structure
  • Table Relationships using the four different Table Join methods
  • Create new reports and modify existing reports
  • Create a SQL Query
  • Configure a mathematical expression, concatenation, and criteria i.e. Date Range, Active records, open Work Orders
  • Make use of the functions in the Design Reports and View Reports modules
  • Use the Reports Listing in the two modules
  • Understand System Reports and User Reports
  • Back up a report using the export function
  • Restore a report using the import function
  • Configure and enable Report Parameters
  • Use the Report Wizard and functions within the MEX Report Designer form
  • Learn MEX Table Structures i.e. the Asset table, vwAssetTreeParents table, Work Order table, Contacts table, and the Catalogue table

NB: Please be aware that running this course privately will necessitate certain equipment and/or technical requirements. If you feel that you may not be able to meet these requirements, please contact us to find out what options are available to you.

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