Date Posted: 13/06/2019 08:06

Keller’s products are used across the construction sector in infrastructure, industrial, commercial, residential and environmental projects. With a full range of technologies and strong engineering capability, Keller also offers design and build solutions to meet each project’s specific requirements.

Keller products include ground improvement, heavy foundations, earth retention, post tensioning systems, instrumentation and monitoring.

“MEX not only creates ease with planning Preventative Maintenance and recording all work completed, but also allows for custom reports to be made to give specific performance analysis of the fleet.”

How has MEX been implemented?

Keller Asia Pacific (APAC) Operations and Equipment Plant Departments are responsible for the preparation and maintenance of the equipment used to produce our products within the Asia Pacific region.

With the large number of equipment within our fleet, coordinating service schedules as well as recording service and repair information can be challenging. MEX has been a good solution for this.

Keller APAC’s aim is to use the data entered into MEX to receive feedback analysis on equipment performance and reliability. Making it easy to highlight problem areas early and to rectify them with minimal disruption to production.

MEX as a CMMS product has been able to be customised to suit Keller APAC’s requirements. MEX not only creates ease with planning Preventative Maintenance and recording all work completed, but also allows for custom reports to be made to give specific performance analysis of the fleet. Whether it is a department, date range or a specific job type, reports can be altered in several ways to receive specific data.

What benefits have you gained from using MEX?

Setting up of Regions within MEX allows use for each of the Keller APAC Plant Departments by only seeing the Assets they are responsible for, also allowing management to have access to the entire fleet’s information. Stores with the barcoding system is an efficient product that enables swift distribution and receiving of stock.

The introduction of the MEX App to Keller APAC has been planned with the intention to increase efficiency by having Work Orders completed in real time while on the job. Reducing data entry in the office which also brings delays due to information transfer from site to office.

Attachment of photos while using the MEX App has initiated visual communication within the system as well. Uploaded support documents such as manuals can be viewed through the app making information sourcing while onsite a lot more efficient.

The MEX CMMS has been significant part of the foundation while creating the maintenance systems and procedures in which Keller APAC Plant Departments now run it standards by. Keller APAC has found that MEX can be designed to introduce inexperienced system users to a CMMS, allowing adaptability and growth as the company’s capabilities and experience grow.

Moving forward, the use of Question Sets for Inspections and Audits are now starting Research and Development stages for Keller APAC.

Incorporating Standard Jobs to start creating an automated response system for maintenance to be completed as a result of an inspection answer. We have only scratched the surface of the potential use of MEX for Keller APAC and will continue to develop over time.

What advice would you give to someone looking to implement MEX?

Other companies looking for a CMMS product should consider MEX as it can be easily customised to suit your requirements. Standard reports are of value and can have alterations made to meet specific requirements. The support received from MEX is of a high standard as well where the Support Team are very friendly, respond fast and are always happy to help.

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