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New MEX Version 15 Released June 2022

New MEX Version 15 Released June 2022

Here at MEX we have been working hard on releasing the latest build of MEX 15 and MEX Mobile and have some really exciting new enhancements to announce.

After undergoing MEX’s annual penetration testing the following updates have been made:

  • JQuery version updated to v3.6.0
  • KendoUI version updated to v21.3.1207
  • Upgrades to secure JSON Web Token
  • Security Enhancements around Login and Forgot Password functionality

In an effort to improve the saving efficiency of the MEX database, and also to alleviate data loss, we have introduced The Service Broker functionality to the MEX SQL Database.

Instead of having two processes cancelling each other out, the Service Broker sets up a queue and transactional steps are followed to successfully save data.

MEX Imports have been overhauled to be more robust and performant for large import spreadsheets. The following imports have been updated:

  • Assets
  • Catalogue
  • Asset Readings
  • Fuel

We have added the Orphaned Documents functionality to allow users to identify any documents that no longer link to any records in MEX. Giving you the option to remove them.

We have also made some upgrades to license management inside MEX. Administrators can now identify what licensed users are logged into MEX and what product they are using.

There have also been a number of bug fixes that have gone into this release.

Preventative Maintenance

We have improved the memory usage in MEX when running the PM Activator for a large number of records. Allowing you to generate work orders more efficiently.

Any work orders created from a standard job now attach job codes correctly to the trades associated with the job.

For Inspections, non-catalogued items added to the schedule are also saved correctly.

Work Orders

Any work orders returned to backlog can be easily scheduled in the MEX Scheduler.

The Contractor Portal has had a few changes in ensuring that account codes are attached correctly from PO’s, emailing PO’s go to the correct contacts and re-open work order options are better managed.


We have also improved functionality in MEX Ops around duplicating requests and enhanced the login experience.


In MEX Stores the Replenish Stock process has been refined. Only approved line items from requisitions will be added onto a Purchase Order.

Approval Paths have also been improved, with Standing Purchase Orders approvals only allowed with defined users in the list. Also, when a user lower in the approval path tries to approve something that has already passed them in the sequence, MEX will record this approval and allow the chain to work as designed.


When working with documents, all drag and drop documents are added correctly and any chance of a duplicate being created has been fixed.

Notification wise, multiple recipients separated by semicolons in the address line, send as intended.

Global search now includes matched catalogue items.

A number of bugs have also been fixed in the Assets, Custom fields, Requests, Security, Prestarts, Forms, Reports and Timesheets. For a detailed breakdown of these fixes please refer to the release notes found on the MEX User Portal or in the MEX User Guide.

If you have automatic updates checked then the upgrading process will be just as you guessed it – automatic! Otherwise you will have to contact MEX Support for details on performing the manual upgrade.

If you have any questions, or any issues please get in contact with our support department at or call +61 7 3392 4777 and they will be more than happy to help you out.

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