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Security Focused Penetration Test Completed

Security Focused Penetration Test Completed

In line with our efforts to continuously improve the MEX Maintenance Software, a security focused penetration test was conducted in January and the MEX Application further strengthened.

The Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS) criteria was again used and a number of medium priority issues were highlighted. With the MEX development team able to quickly rectify the notices and ensuring that the MEX application remains secure.

All issues that were identified were immediately fixed and will be included in the next build of the MEX CMMS. These included:

  • Kendo and JQuery platform upgrades to take advantage of their latest features.
  • Upgraded and secured API calls
  • Strengthening of user login procedures

These pen tests are conducted yearly, and allow for continuous improvements to the usability, secure data transport and access to the MEX Maintenance Software.

If you have any questions about this pen test, please contact MEX at  


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