Getting Started With MEX

Everything you need to know to start the journey towards more effective maintenance management in the office and on the go with the MEX iOS APP.

This page provides you with an understanding of the MEX system, all its benefits and how it interrelates with the iOS App and other MEX products.

How MEX Manages Your Maintenance

MEX transforms your computer and devices into a control centre for all the maintenance work that your organisation performs.  With MEX, you have the ability to know

  • What Assets you own and manage
  • The current work required
  • Previous works conducted along with the information on the manpower usage, spare parts, costs and failures of an Asset.
  • The status of your key performance indicators at all times
  • Access to your MEX system anywhere with tablets and iOS Apps

Overall, MEX will assist you in making better management decisions on the maintenance work you do, no matter what field you work in.

MEX and the iOS app

MEX coupled with the MEX iOS app is a winning combination that gives organisations increased transparency and control of their maintenance operation. Taking an all-in approach with the MEX product suite allows you to become truly paperless.

With the MEX iOS App you can access submit and edit Work Orders in the field you don’t even need network connectivity you can completely ditch any paperwork! Carry out all of your MEX tasks in the digital world and never worry about losing asset details or work orders, do your work in MEX and it will always be there waiting for you.

MEX Asset Register Module
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Frequently Asked Questions

It depends on what your business does but the benefits that are normally achieved with MEX include:

  • Reduction in breakdowns
  • Reduction in maintenance and inventory costs
  • Improved customer service
  • Easily report on all aspects of your Maintenance operation

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Features of the MEX iOS app

Video Tutorials

An introduction to the MEX CMMS

We cover the basics of the Asset Register, Work Orders, History, and Preventative Maintenance modules of the system, as well as provide a good overview of the rest of the features.

An Introduction to the MEX Modules

A run through of all the core modules that make up the MEX CMMS. How they work together to help you maintain your assets.

MEX Company Introduction

The MEX Company Introduction Video introduces the MEX Maintenance Software solution. Running through what the MEX system can do and the solutions we provide for your Maintenance Industry.

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