MEX Performance Improvements

Working with our Customers to Improve the Performance of MEX

Here at MEX we pride ourselves at delivering the best experience to our users. One of our main focusses is ensuring that you the customer, can go about your maintenance work without having to deal with a slow system.

Making performance is a real priority for us and so we work closely with customers to fine tune the system to ensure it is at an optimum.

This page is dedicated to showcasing all the performance improvements that MEX has made to MEX 15 over the years including a timeline of these changes.

With the latest in these series of enhancements introduced in the May release of MEX 15.

Performance Improvements Over the Years

Let's take a look at the lengths we have gone to make MEX a faster system.

  • May 2019

    Introducing Caching in MEX. Over the last year we have been working with Customer's who have large databases and have put in place a caching enhancement, allowing large listings to load faster.

    With Caching also comes Endless Scrolling, as you scroll through a listing, MEX will load records continuously. read more

  • November 2018

    A new Region Editing Mode that allows for a tree-based layout of setting up MEX Region Mapping (similar to MEX V14’s Region setup functionality) allowing users with a large number of regions to easily work through that administer them. read more

    Region Setup List
  • July 2018

    Region Setup Multiple Region Search Result

    Search functionality has also been added to the Region Setup form to allow users to easily filter all forms to only show Region’s required. Speeding up region setup efforts.

  • December 2017

    An improved MEX Out of Browser (OOB) standalone client is released. Running MEX OOB is much simpler because it uses a light weight browser engine which is faster as it is not weighed down by add-ons or the unnecessary plugins you get with other browsers. read more

    Open MEX Out of Browser
  • July 2017

    Database Indexing and Auditing for records older than 6 months and we also made data transfer more efficient by reducing the communication packets between the MEX server and client. read more

  • July 2017

    Improvements made to our Client-Side Response Time and we included a Custom View functionality in the latest version to allow customers to specify a query in the Add listing columns which will join on the primary key of the listing they are looking to customize.

    July 2017 release

  • June 2017

    Introduced a Performance Diagnosis form in the Control Files of MEX to allow you to dictate various aspects of your systems performance. From the number of months’ worth of data to pull back from the database, the length of description characters to show, whether or not dynamic grids should be employed and an option to optimize images used in MEX.

  • October 2016

    Performance improvements throughout the system including improvement to the MEX start up time, General database interaction, Listing Columns added via the Add Listing Columns and Work Order details loading improvements.

    October 2016 release

  • May 2016

    MEX Products

    MEX Version 15 is released and over the next three years will be refined into what is our best product to date.

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