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Date Posted: 09/09/2014 15:09

ThyssenKrupp is a worldwide technology enterprise. We, the Global Service Team, are part of the Process and Resource Technologies group in the Business Area “Industrial Solutions”. Our mission is the implementation of Integrated Asset Management contracts (“total Maintenance”) at Customer Sites and the Support of our local Business Units regarding Service topics.

The spectrum of Equipment includes that required for the following Process Areas:

  • Fertilizer
  • Coking Technology
  • Chemicals
  • Oil & Gas
  • Mining
  • Cement

With 19,000 Employees of whom 70% are Engineers and Technicians, we are a strong, innovative and technically accomplished Team.

“MEX will help improve your Maintenance. You are able to plan your proactive maintenance philosophy as well as your Break-In corrective work. MEX connects your Work Areas such as Planning & Scheduling, Human Resources, Warehouse and Reporting.”

How the MEX Maintenance Software is used?

ThyssenKrupp Industrial Solutions is using MEX at every O&M (Operation & Maintenance) Contract where the Customer has no CMMS or his own is not as well developed as we need to support our contract.

As a Company that is selling IAM (Integrated Asset Management) we have to have a tool that can handle our requirements, MEX is such a System.

We need to plan our Preventive Maintenance actions such as Condition Monitoring or Inspection Routes as well as our BreakIn Corrective Maintenance Actions and Shutdowns so that:

  • The Downtime of our Assets is as short as possible.
  • The labor work time is as well planned as possible.
  • The correct spares are in place at the right time.
  • Tracking of costs spent on the task can be collected and allocated to the Assets, Departments and/or Work Type.
  • We can run Reports on Costs, Work hours, Labor hours, etc.
  • We can manage our Warehouse – what comes in, what goes out, what has to be reserved, what has to be purchased.

Benefits from using MEX

Since implementing the MEX System into our operation there have been a number of areas that have and will benefit our maintenance management efforts:

  • Easy and fast training as a result of the simplicity of the system.
  • Well planned maintenance actions according to our Processes. (Preventive, Corrective & Shutdown)
  • Printing of whole Work Packages incl. attached Support Documents, Safety advices, etc.
  • Tracking of Costs (Labor, Spares, Externals, etc.)
  • Easy set up and adjustment of the System (also for different projects using the MEX Regions concept) – Format of Reports, listing of suppliers, implementation of labor schedules, layout of listings for different user, etc.
  • Effective Warehouse Management.
  • Feedback on our Equipment performance based on the reports compiled from the system.

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