Tip Top Case Study

A strong Preventative Maintenance scheme in MEX is powering one of Australia and New Zealand’s largest bakeries towards safer production and a better environment.

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Tip Top is a business division of George Weston Foods. The company’s 4,500 people work in a broad range of marketing, sales, operations, finance and human resources positions across Australia and New Zealand. Tip Top® is Australia’s leading brand of quality bread and bakery products, producing a diverse range of wholesome sliced bread, gourmet bread, muffins, crumpets, bakery snacks and cakes, as well as supplying leading quick service restaurants and the commercial food service channel. Iconic brands include Tip Top, Tip Top The One, Bürgen, Golden and Abbott’s Village Bakery in Australia, and Tip Top Bakery SuperSoft, Big Ben and Ploughman’s Bakery in New Zealand.

Tip Top operates 15 bakeries around Australia and New Zealand, mostly in the fast-paced Daily Fresh service model.  Tip Top operates close to 70 production lines, as well as an extensive network of distribution trucks and depots. 

What are your Maintenance Goals?

Tip Top’s maintenance goals are to ensure people safety, food safety and environment safety, and to reduce or eliminate unplanned downtime in production and fleet assets.

How is MEX used to help achieve these goals?

Tip Top uses MEX to plan the Preventative Maintenance of its assets, capture unplanned work, and track spare parts. A strong Preventative Maintenance scheme allows Tip Top to maintain a high machine reliability and minimise waste. MEX is easy to use, cost effective, and easy to customise to fit Tip Top’s business, allowing them to get on with the job. MEX seamlessly integrates into their Tableau data analytics system.

What benefits have you seen since implementing MEX, can you think of an example where you feel MEX has led to a return on investment?

MEX runs significantly faster than Tip Top’s previous CMMS, giving them more time to focus on what matters. The MEX licencing structure is cost effective compared to other CMMS vendors. MEX Data Hosting means Tip Top can have a hands-off approach to server management & the MEX team ensure that ‘it just works’. A MEX Maintenance Agreement ensures responsive customer support and tweaks to the system. Tip Top users can tweak most the system themselves at no cost, and the MEX team is there to support them for anything more complicated. 

What advice would you give to someone looking to implement MEX?

MEX is easy to use, easy to customise, and the MEX team are supportive, responsive, and down-to-earth.

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